Jon Olsson Proves Lamborghini Gallardo is a Daily Driver

Jon Olsson Proves Lamborghini Gallardo is a Daily Driver

Jon Olsson is no stranger to exotic cars. His Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR is one of the most amazing pieces of machinery ever built but the professional freeskier and alpine ski racer was still seeking the ultimate daily driver.

It looks like he found it in his custom Lamborghini Gallardo Ski Transporter.

Olsson recently took the versatile Gallardo over 13,050 miles through nine countries in just four months. And that isn’t just open roads full of freeways, the Gallardo traversed through the Alps from one ski event to another. Photos were taken of the journey, where the Gallardo looked right at home on the shores of Monaco and admittedly looked out of place covered in snow out in the Swiss village of Verbier.

Nonetheless, it proved that Italian exotics could be functional and that the custom ski box sitting its roof wasn’t purely for show. Olsson used it to its full advantage, carrying plenty of skiing equipment from one location to the next.

Now that’s what we call awesome. Some Gallardo owners won’t even put that many miles on their car in its lifetime; never mind in four months.

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[Source: Jon Olsson Blog via GT Spirit]