Lamborghini Aventador J: From Sketch to Reality in Six Weeks

Lamborghini Aventador J: From Sketch to Reality in Six Weeks

The Lamborghini Aventador J took the world by storm when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show – see our first look video here – but would you believe that it was built in a mere six weeks? 

According to Lamborghini designer Filippo Perini, the Aventador J was created entirely in-house after CEO Stephan Winkelmann asked the team to come up with something special for the Geneva Auto Show. “It was the 14th of January that Mr Winkelmann asked us to do something for Geneva,” says Perini in an interview with Top Gear. “A blank sheet. Do what you want. I drew up this car in a weekend…”

While a six week time frame would be impressive even if Lamborghini simply took their Aventador and turned it into a convertible, the Aventador J only retains the front hood, fenders, rear fenders, and headlights from the standard Aventador. All other panels were constructed from scratch to make the Aventador J truly one-of-a-kind.

And as we mentioned before, the Aventador J will be one-of-one and has been homologated in Italy meaning that it’s not just some concept car slapped together in six weeks to impress the public and the media. Some lucky person will have (or already has) possession of this amazing machine.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Aventador J


[Source: Top Gear]