Lexus Dealerships Create New Tech Help Positions

Lexus Dealerships Create New Tech Help Positions

Luxury and learning to use a new computer probably don’t align themselves readily in your mind, which is why Lexus, among other luxury brands, is taking measures to soften the curve after your purchase.

“With the advent of more technology in luxury cars, customers often have questions about their navigation system, establishing a Bluetooth connection for their phone or managing other telematics systems,” Mark Templin, Lexus group vice president said. “While we’re happy to answer their calls, we think it will be much more beneficial to have experts at our dealerships who can establish and maintain relationships with customers to answer any questions about their cars.”

In order to offer those experts, the brand is partnering with its dealer network and creating two new positions at each facility: a vehicle delivery specialist to introduce customers to their new cars and a vehicle technology specialist to answer tech questions about their car’s increasingly sophisticated electronics.

People filling those positions will be trained through iPad apps designed to educate users on the latest Lexus technology and vehicles. The same app is available for customers to download and learn from too, meaning they won’t be left unaware after dealing with the specialist on the lot.

Lexus also plans to follow up with customers to evaluate their experience and gather feedback during the vehicle’s first scheduled service, something the vehicle technology specialist will carry out.

  • Todd A. Mayfield

    I am an auto enthusiast who happens to have technology background, with training and product development experience. I desperately want to apply to this position anywhere in the country! Are these positions advertised via independent dealers only?

  • Docunderwood

    I am the VTS at Lexus of Orange Park Florida, the position is not advertised it is a you go in fill out a app, and they tell you hey we have this position. I know alot of dealerships our hiring form with in. I recived the job noticed from the Wounded Warrior Project,I am a wounded warrior and they have a program called warriors to work and the local Lexus dealership offered the jobs to the Wounded Warrior Project.