Lotus F1 Team Limited Edition Evora GTE Revealed: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Lotus F1 Team Limited Edition Evora GTE Revealed: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Ahead of its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow, we have the very first photos of special, special edition Lotus.

Caught uncovered on the show floor, the Lotus F1 Limited Edition Evora GTE is a unique example of a car that’s already in limited supply. No specific details about this particular model have been revealed, but it’s easy to see that the car’s most obvious trait is its complete carbon fiber body.

That should help this street legal race car shed even more weight, an incredible feat when you consider the standard GTE model (think of its as the Lotus version of a Porsche GT3), already weighs over 200 lbs less than a conventional Evora S. Making it look even more imposing are dimensions borrowed from the endurance car car with a width that is several inches greater, plus a substantially longer nose.

With the GTE model already billed as the most powerful Lotus ever, if this latest creation pushes the power from the car’s supercharged 3.5-liter V6 past the 444 hp mark, there will once again be a new Lotus to lay claim to that title.

Look for more info tomorrow, when F1 star Kimi Raikkonen will be on hand to unveil that car. And until then, take a peek at the few snaps we managed to grab of what appears to be the new Lotus LMP endurance race car.

GALLERY: Lotus F1 Team Limited Edition Evora GTE

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