Luxury Car Incentive War is Just Beginning, BMW Says

Luxury Car Incentive War is Just Beginning, BMW Says

Weighing one model against another can be a hassle for people mulling over a new car purchase. As if it wasn’t difficult enough, those shopping for luxury cars also have to weigh the incentives being offered.

“What we see with the beginning of the fourth quarter is that the pressure on the pricing front has increased. When it will end is, at the moment, not clear,” BMW CFO Friedrich Eichiner said in reference to the array of incentives luxury car makers are offering customers. The list of enticements, sweet as they may be, can be a little overwhelming.

Audi for example, is offering current owners a $3,000 loyalty incentive or will extend a $2,500 discount to anyone trading in a luxury car towards a 2012 A8. Mercedes-Benz is offering an extra $2,000 discount on buying a 2012 E-Class if you’re already financing or leasing another Mercedes through its financing division. Fina;;y, BMW is offering a $1,000 rebate on a 2012 BMW M3 coupe or convertible, or a $2,500 manufacturer-to-dealer incentive on a 2011 335i or 328i. It’s worth mentioning that the $2,500 manufacturer-to-dealer incentive might not even come up if you don’t ask the dealer.

It isn’t just the German automakers jumping into the discount battle, Infiniti and Lexus are both offering incentives. Current Jaguar or Land Rover owners can also save up to $5,500 in total rebates on a 2011 Range Rover. Both Cadillac and Lincoln are offering rebates and discounts, with Cadillac offering a ridiculous $7,000 in manufacturer-to-dealer rebates on any left over 2011 DTS models.

[Source: Left Lane News]