Maserati TC Could be Revived by Chrysler

Maserati TC Could be Revived by Chrysler

Back in 1989, the TC by Maserati was released and was supposed to be Lee Iacocca’s triumphant model for Chrysler. Instead, the Italian-designed two-seat convertible only sold 7,300 units before it got the axe a mere two years later.

The original TC by Maserati was based on the economy K-Car platform by Chrysler and most automotive enthusiasts have opted to not even mention it since it disappeared. But now reports are coming in that the TC by Maserati could be making a (hopefully) triumphant return now that Fiat-Chrysler is one company and Maserati is its corporate cousin.

The story will be published in the upcoming April issue of Car and Driver with the magazine reporting that it’ll be making a debut in 2014. According to the report, the new TC by Maserati will based on the 2013 Dodge Dart, which itself is based on an Alfa Romeo. It appears that it’ll be powered by a 0.9L two-cylinder, turbocharged engine from Fiat with 87-hp. This will be the first American car sporting the small powerplant.

However, with an estimated price of $35,000, we feel that this new TC by Maserati could share the same fate as its predecessor. The publication has the new TC by Maserati as one of its “25 Cars Worth Waiting For”, but with a price tag over $30,000 and so little performance, we’re not sure if it has a place in the American market.

But with all rumors, we’ll take it with a grain of salt until official news breaks from Chrysler.

[Source: Fox News]