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 |  Mar 24 2012, 3:41 PM


Without seeing the images, the idea of a matte green Lamborghini Aventador sounded awful to us. But after seeing images, we’re impressed by how fitting the flat Army green shade looks on the Italian super car.

That makes us wonder if there’s any color that the Aventador could possibly look bad in. The matte green Aventador doesn’t have quite the aggressive appearance that the matte black Aventador does, but it’s also rarer. The satin black wheels are a fantastic complement to the entire package.

The LP700-4 was spotted in Zurich, Switzerland where it recently sold for about $580,000 with 621 miles on the odometer. Yes, that’s quite the premium over the Aventador’s MSRP of $376,000, but someone clearly didn’t care when it comes to having 700 hp from a 6.5L V12 at the palm of their hands.

We know you’re thinking it — this is totally what a Halo Warthog would look like as an exotic super car.

GALLERY: Matte Green Lamborghini Aventador


[Source: Carbuzz]

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