Mazda CX-7 Discontinued to Make Way for CX-5

Mazda CX-7 Discontinued to Make Way for CX-5

The new Mazda CX-5 will replace the CX-7, at least in the American market according to Mazda USA. Even though the CX-5 is slightly smaller than the outgoing CX-7, it has more cargo capacity and overall interior volume.

“[The] CX-5 has a clearer competitive set, unlike CX-7, which was in the middle of two segments,” said Mazda product communications specialist Beverly Braga.

The new CX-5 also sports Mazda’s new 2.0-liter Skyactiv four-cylinder engine (155-hp) that has much better fuel economy than the 2.5L four-cylinder (161-hp) found in the CX-7. The CX-5 boasts 26/32 mpg city/highway compared to the CX-7’s 20/28 mpg city/highway. In 2007, CX-7 sales peaked at 41,653 units but in 2009 the Japanese automaker only sold 20,583. Updates were scarce through the vehicle’s production, with a front-end redesign being the only major change.

The CX-7 will be discontinued in America after the current 2012 model year as the company plans to refocus its goals to better compete with Honda and Ford.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • Sumeet Deshpande

    CX5 is not match for CX7 in terms of power and handling. And CX5 is not comparable with others in the same segment( CRV,RAV4, Chevy etc) only because it’s under powered. I don’t understand what’s ts fuzz about the fuel economy. You can have 1 liter engine that would give 100 miles/gal. That does not mean it’s great vehicle. Power to weight ratio in CX5 is higher than the ones in that segment.
    I understand that CX7 turbo was basically performance oriented and did not appeal to the masses but with the introduction of 2.5 non variant, it was a complete and best SUV in that segment. It had all styling, comparable performance and great handing. Moreover it was the one of the higher rated SUV in the segment. I have to say that I’m very disappointed in Mazda’s decision of discontinuing CX7.

  • Greatlakeslake

    I agree! Very disappointed that the CX-7 is being discontinued!!!!

  • Snadly6

    I am also disappointed that Mazda is discontinuing the CX7 being the owner of one (2007)
    and also aware of the many problems this car  has, fortunately I have a warranty and I keep
    hoping that they would improve. This suv in my mind could have been a real money  maker
    for Mazda if they fix the kinks. I still get compliments about the car and heads turn when i drive it, there is should be no reason that we see more ugly Honda CRV’S on the road than the
    CX7 and also the Nissan Rouge even though the latter is quite cute but uninspiring in the way it drives. But these two cuv’s have reliability over the CX7 which is very important in this economy.
    Let’s hope Mazda will reconsider and bring back the CX7 with the same basic exterior styling 
    which will last for years!!!

  • Budijanto

    I have planed and saved money to buy Mazda CX7, but Mazda has discontinued production this car.
    I am very disappointed about that.
    I believe that Mazda will regret to make this decision in the near future.
    CX5 is smaller than CX7 and the front look is not as good as CX7.
    I won’t buy CX7. Mazda ignore what people want. They just want to follow their ambitious.

    They have to learn from Toyota.
    Toyota make a Harrier (Lexus RX350) since around 12 years ago and they still keep the basic model of Toyota Harrier until today with slightly modification.
    And people still like the model of Toyota Harrier or Lexus RX350 till today.

  • Istynet

    I agree with Mazda decission.  CX-5  hase more space an also fuel efficient also driver experience is much more better.

    First try the cx5 and only after it comment

  • CyberPinoy

    CX-5 is an ugly smiling-funny-face-looking crossover. I like the look of CX-7 its more sporty, why not put skyactive in CX-7 instead of discontinuing it.

  • rony

    i have cx7 (2010) in spain. the cx7 project must continue with skyactive ,cx7 it´s a great car , great design..the people love´s design of cx7  it´s beautiful and agresive.mazda must continuing with the project CX7

  • Stevekershaw

    I have a 2010 cx7 and love it, looks sporty and drives beautifully,they always have to take away something that has a unique look and i think cx5 and 9 look just like the rest now wouldnt buy one,very disappointed

  • don

    I agree. We wanted to purchase the CX-7 to replace our Pacifica, but found that they were discontinued. We tried the CX-5 and found it to be lacking in Options, power and style. The CX-9 is like the Pacifica in that the gas mileage is not what we want.

    I wish that Mazda would rethink their decision and get rid of the CX-5 and return to the 7 and preform some up dates, ie Nav, backup cameras, Blindside monitoring, and skyactive.

    We will have to continue to look for a replacement auto.

  • Robby G

    What is the CX-5 missing? And how is it low on style?

  • stevedccc

    My 2011 Cx-7 is a fun mid sized SUV. The turbo really moves nice. Test drove many others and kept coming back to this 7. So far so good. Only a few months now.