Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Goes Invisible Across Germany

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Goes Invisible Across Germany

German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz has launched some very brilliant marketing campaigns lately. The Viano interactive ad campaign was one of the most clever things we’ve ever seen, but it appears that Mercedes’ invisible F-Cell will dethrone it as the best of the best.

To promote its newest fuel cell vehicle, Mercedes-Benz decided to make it invisible, playing to the fact that it has zero emissions. The hydrogen-powered B-Class has an estimated driving range of 190 miles emitting only water vapor as it burns hydrogen fuel.

To garner the attention of Germany’s population, Mercedes wrapped the entire vehicle with LED-embedded mats on one side and equipped the other side with cameras. The cameras would then take its video feed and display it on the LED mats on the other side, making the vehicle appear as if it was invisible – minus the wheels of course.

The vehicle toured around Germany for a week and we imagine it made quite the impact in gathering everyone’s attention. See it in action in the video below.

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