Mitsubishi i-MiEV Power Box Lets You Use Your EV as a Power Source

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Power Box Lets You Use Your EV as a Power Source

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi will be releasing its i-MiEV Power Box on April 27th in their home country for around $1,785 (149,800¥). 

The i-MiEV Power Box is basically a vehicle-to-grid system that will allow the owners of an i-MiEV and the MINICAB MiEV to use their EV to power an outside device like a phone charger or even a fridge. Weighing in at 25 lbs, the Power Box plugs directly into the EV’s quick-charge outlet to convert electricity into AC 100V.

If the vehicle’s battery is fully charged, the Power Box can put out up to 1,500 watts, good enough for five or six constant hours of energy. According to the Japanese automaker, 1,500 watts is actually good enough to power a typical Japanese household for a full day.

Mitsubishi did warn that everyday use could eventually have a negative effect on the vehicle’s battery pack. The main use for the Power Box is for emergency situations when no other power is available or when the power grid is experiencing peak demand.

There’s no confirmation if the Power Box will make its way to other markets outside of Japan.

  • Congrats to Mitsubishi for their genius, brave and bold work on EV. They appear to be brewing the right formula.  An 8 year/100k mile battery warranty is spot on. I understand they are working on a lite pickup model.  Only thing I would suggest and hope for is that they (at least) look for ways to improve on the body design.. it’s often just aestetics, but sporty lines sell.  Give your proposed  ev truck muscle car looks or it simply is not going to sell.