MyFord Touch Update Eats Gas During Install

MyFord Touch Update Eats Gas During Install

Ignoring software updates is an easy habit to get into, especially when it’s simpler to hit the “cancel” button than enduring an arduous process and wasting time.

There’s a nasty surprise in store for you if you’re one of the people who groans when your Mac or PC gets an update alert and you also happen to drive a car with MyFord Touch.

As we reported last week, the company started mailing USB sticks to some 300,000 customers with an update for your MyFord or MyLincoln Touch infotainment operating systems. It’s simple enough to install, but according to a story reported by Automotive News, the update takes an hour to perform and  the engine must be idling.

While it’s probably not such a big deal to spend that time reading a book in the driver’s seat or taking a nap, driver’s don’t actually have to go through the wait time themselves, which is potentially causing an expensive problem for dealerships. Instead of carrying the update out individually, drivers may also bring their cars into a Ford dealership to be serviced — free of charge. What’s more, those opting to do this get a free rental for the day. Doing so saves you from spending gas money on an update.

It remains to be seen if customers will choose to come in for the update or do it themselves, but at a minimum of an hour per, that represents a lot of time technicians could spend working on other problems.

On the other hand, if Ford’s plan works and most people handle the update personally, this could be a significant step in the opposite direction by encouraging people not to bring their vehicles in for unnecessary service.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • HTang

    You can perform the update WHILE DRIVING, so it doesn’t waste any gas

  • brian

    you take an hour…ford pays me 30 minutes to install that update…im gettin phucked by ford again..i am a ford tech

  • brian

    phuck ford warrenty..i quit

  • Eric

    “Doing so saves you from spending gas money on an update.”

    Um, what? Even if I let the dealer do it, the engine is still running, using my gas, right? How exactly does taking it in to the dealer save me gas money??!?!?!

  • Peter

    What’s the compensation for driving the most distracting car on the road for 15 months?

  • Deborah90

    You expect to be paid an hour to insert a USB drive and then sit and watch the files be uploaded? Really?

  • SRD

    BEWARE!!! I decided to do the update my self. Took about 45 min to drive home from work and figured I would let it idle in the driveway for another 15 min till it finished. I turned off the AC and all accessories, but the MyFord Touch. Checked on the vehicle every 10 minutes. All was fine and could see message that it might take another 20 minutes. Came out to check in another 10 minutes and in that TEN MINUTE period either a hose or something in the cooling system broke and all the coolant was pumped out into my driveway. The passenger compartment was full of water vapor, steam was coming out around the engine compartment – the vehicle looked like it was on fire. Overheat warnings were blasting away. Now I have to have it towed back for service and can only hope the engine in my new Explorer with only 5,000 miles is not cooked. Unless yo want to stay with the vehicle EVERY minute while the upgrade is loading DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!! TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO THE DEALER, MAKE THEM DO THE UPGRADE AND GIVE YO A FREE RENTAL.