New Chevy Volt Ads Feature “Happiest Drivers on the Planet”

New Chevy Volt Ads Feature “Happiest Drivers on the Planet”

There’s no denying that Chevrolet Volt sales have been sluggish. GM has admitted as much with production halted currently until April 23rd.

So the American automaker went back to the drawing board to come up with a new ad campaign for its Volt. Because no doubt, the ad created for the Super Bowl had less than stellar results. This time around, they (smartly) decided to stick to just human beings, showing somewhat candid interviews of “Happy Volt Owners.”

GM CEO Dan Akerson says these commercials will feature “the facts” and are “more interesting” now that they have “the happiest drivers on the planet” in the ads.

The ads are a little more effective than using interstellar aliens inquiring about the Volt technology. It’s real-world people trying to explain how the Volt offers real-world advantages. Will it do the job for Chevy? Perhaps the automaker should see what their European brethren are doing to sell the Ampera.

Watch two of the commercials below

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  • danwat1234

    There are only 2 reasons why I’m not buying a Volt (yet).
    #1. The onboard generator is a regular OTTO cycle engine, not Atkinson or HCCI. So on long trips it doesn’t get anywhere near the MPG of a 3rd gen Prius.
    #2. I’m a poor college student.

    Some day though!


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