New V6 Ford Interceptors Offer Huge Fuel Economy Gains

New V6 Ford Interceptors Offer Huge Fuel Economy Gains

Ford‘s Panther chassis, platform for the iconic P71 Police Interceptor, is anything but a slouch, but after more than 30 years of service both Ford and police recognize the need for a change.

Ford started building police variants of the LTD Crown Victoria in 1979, by 1992 the company’s cars evolved from modified civilian sedans to law enforcement machines.

Agencies are looking for something more fuel efficient options than the aging Crown Victoria’s and the 14 mpg city and 21 mpg highway rating from its thirsty V8 as municipal budgets shrink with the rocky U.S. economy.

Ford says the the next generation Interceptors address that concern and offer significantly improved fuel efficiency. The Taurus-based Interceptor sedan gets 18 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, a 4.5 mpg average improvement over the previous Interceptor. During 10-hour shifts of Police duty, police cars idle for approximately 6.7 hours of the duration so Ford has made improvements on idle consumption as well. The latest Taurus Interceptor will also use 35 percent less fuel at idle thanks to its smaller displacement 3.5 liter V6 engine.

What’s more, the Explorer-based Interceptor SUV achieves an estimated 16 mpg city and 22 mpg highway, a best-in-class figure for police spec utility vehicles.

Ford managed to keep performance intact, despite the improved efficiency. A 3.5-liter V6 is used for both vehicles, producing 288 hp. That translates to a 38-hp gain over the outgoing V8.

During 0-60 runs, results show that the V6 Ford Explorer Interceptor Utility can reach 60 mph one full second faster than the competing V8 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV.

An Eco-Boost turbocharged 3.5 liter V6 producing 365-hp is available as an option as well. Combined with all-wheel-drive, the powerful Ford police vehicle out-accelerates competitors from Dodge and Chevrolet.

The Chicago police department ordered and will soon take delivery of approximately 500 Ford Police Interceptors this year, making the city the first to field test Ford’s ne enforcement vehicles.

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  • cwats

    these new police interceptors are junk! our agency has 30+ brand new crown vics ready to be outfitted and hit the streets just a waiting game until we take some vics out of rotation. experimented with the impala,charger and new police interceptor(taurus design) still favor the old crown vic anyday good luck to ford trying to keep that 74% of the police market

  • Harold

    The old Crown Vic was a work horse. Much like the old Checker taxi, it was durable and very functional. I think it will be very hard to replace it as a police vehicle. In this case, size does matter.

  • jeffrey

    If you look “behind the wall” of any city garage you will see many police cars needing help, either from a crash or from mechanical issues. You wont see as many taurus come back into service after a collision, so i dont see how a 20% mileage gain is a 20% savings if car after car is scrapped compared to a full framed panther

  • Crescue

    Our division just placed in service several of these explorers to replace our full size SUV vehicles. Your assessments of crap is a little early for us to tell but the MPG is no way near 16 mpg. More like 12 to 13. There is no room for equipment in the rear for fire based use. Maybe Police can do with the room provided. It seems to ride ok, There is still front end wheel pull upon acceleration which is troublesome. Basically in my world you NEVER buy an A model of any thing. It is too early to tell and lets let the windy city do the test and we will see. I want my Tahoe 4×4. Plus fire the fleet manager who refused to go with the non pursuit vehicle. Like he knows what the hell I need in my job. He needs to worry about fixing the issues not what we use on the street. Last time I checked I am not chaseing anyone. I’ll at least get there with all my equipment IF I had a full size SUV. Also the fuel mileage was the same or a little better.