Nissan Delta Wing is “Incubator for Innovation”- Video

Nissan Delta Wing is “Incubator for Innovation”- Video

The Nissan Delta Wing is no doubt one of the most innovative cars to come out of the racing world in a while, weighing about half of what other comparable race cars do and putting out only half the power, yet remaining competitive. 

Nissan has been testing its new race car at the Sebring racetrack this past week, to delve deeper into what it takes to build a winning car. Learning from the project, Nissan hopes to inject some of the technology and ideas that are developed on Delta Wing into its everyday use road cars.

What the company is truly trying to do is revolutionize racing. Being such a highly competitive sport, we will have to wait and see how the Delta Wing does in a real racing scenario. The car will run the 24 hours of Le Mans, but it will be placed in its own experimental car category, and therefore will not really be competing. Though its performance at Le Mans will no doubt be a sign of things to come.

Watch the video below of Nissan Engineers discussing the Delta Wing Project.

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