Nissan Murano 4-Cylinder Spied

Nissan Murano 4-Cylinder Spied

Nissan might be following in its competitors footsteps by offering a four-cylinder Murano, something that would compete more directly with CUVs like the Ford Edge or Kia Sportage. 

The above photo shows a disguised Murano cruising around. That raises questions because the most recent Murano model refresh happened in 2011, which means we’re far from the time an automaker would typically invest in a revamp.

The photographer said it sounded a lot like a four-cylinder, which would be a change for the Murano which is currently only offered with Nissan’s 3.5-liter V6 with 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque.

Upon examination, this theory seems to be right. There is only one tailpipe where the production Murano has two. Nissan already has two smaller options that offer a four-cylinder: the Rogue and Juke.

That said, it seems the automaker is playing with the idea of adding another gas-sipping family ferry to the line.

GALLERY: Nissan Murano spy photos


[Source: Truck Trend]

  • ArmadaJim

    This is the 2009-10 body style. The backup lights are dots, in 2011, they went to a V shaped lens. I wonder if the dotted backup lens is going to indicate 2.5L.