North Carolina Town Bans Bluetooth

North Carolina Town Bans Bluetooth

As pressure mounts to curb distracted driving, one North Carolina town has made an unprecedented move, banning cell phone use in cars, including Bluetooth.

While most states have some type of ban on cell phone use while driving, Bluetooth hand’s free devices are promoted as a safer alternative – even if the jury is still out on if it really is. The State of North Carolina currently has a ban on hand held devices for drivers 18 and under, but those over the age of 18 have no restrictions. That is, unless you live in Chapel Hill.

The town of roughly 60,000 has just passed a law (with a vote of 5-4) prohibiting even the use of hand’s free devices like Bluetooth. The ban takes effect June 1st.

The first of its kind, the rules aren’t as strict as they first appear, however, with exceptions made for calling family members, or placing emergency calls. Plus, as a secondary offense, it’s not something that you can be pulled over for.

[Source: CharlotteObserver]

  • Frito

    There needs to be some clarification on this law.  Despite the fact that it is bogus, does this apply to in-dash bluetooth systems?  Fact is, if you are using OE or aftermarket BT in-dadsh no law enforcement would be able to pull you over for a violation of this law since you are not wearing an earpiece and you can easily switch modes on the in-dash unit.