One in Three Americans Sacrifice Something to Afford Gas, Survey Says

One in Three Americans Sacrifice Something to Afford Gas, Survey Says

It’s another tough season for gas prices. How are you coping with the rising prices? According to a survey by one third of Americans have to give up some personal amenities in order to keep their cars on the road.

The survey conducted over two days in March, was answered by 2,254 Americans, and revealed that many Americans will have to make personal lifestyle changes in order to accommodate the higher gas prices.

Seventy per cent of respondents said they would dine out less, making it the most common luxury to get cut from American’s spending habits.

The next casualty of high gas prices is entertainment spending. Sixty Four per cent of Americans stated they would stop spending money on movies, concerts and other entertainment related activities.

Thirty Seven per cent asked in the survey responded that they are looking to save money to pay for gas by postponing their seasonal clothes shopping.

Its interesting to see how much one would cut from their budget in order to pay for gas. Some mentioned that they would cancel their Internet service (5%) or TV service (15%)

Not only are consumers planning to modify their budget to cope with the rising gas prices, but three-in-four are also changing their driving habits. Sixty one per cent answered the survey stating they’d drive less, and others mentioned using more carpools, public transit, or buying a hybrid or more fuel efficient vehicle.

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