Opel Develops Intelligent LED Lighting Matrix – Video

Opel Develops Intelligent LED Lighting Matrix – Video

Opel is now the first automaker to road-test a fully integrated matrix light in its prototype vehicles. Its new LED light matrix technology is designed to make night time driving safer by using high beams in standard driving mode.

While that may sound annoying to the other drivers on the road, the light matrix is designed to keep the beam glare free, automatically adapting it to the traffic situation. Essentially the LED light matrix can adjust more rapidly to the traffic situation than any other solution that relies on the driver, or is based on mechanical components.

By working in combination with the front camera, the matrix light will adjust the second the sensors from the camera detect light sources from oncoming or proceeding traffic. The area in front of the vehicle will be completely dimmed while the rest of the road will remain brightly illuminated. This help ensures that drivers in front of the light matrix aren’t pestered, but other non-illuminated obstacles remain well lit.

Each of the two matrix headlights consists of four light segments. Behind each segment, there are four different light sources that can be switched on or off individually, giving it 16 possible combinations per headlight. In total, there are 256 different light settings that will change and adjust without the driver noticing.

Opel plans to implement the LED lighting matrix in its vehicles over the next few years.

Watch a video of it in action after the break.

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