Peugeot 208 Interactive Commercial Sets Itself Apart

Peugeot 208 Interactive Commercial Sets Itself Apart

Peugeot is taking automotive advertising to the next level with its latest spot for the 208 hatchback.

The ad is over seven minutes long and features sex, nudity, strip clubs, bicycle chase scenes, explosions and so much more. If that already hasn’t piqued your interest, this will: the commercial is interactive and can take different twists and turns based on your decisions.

Few ads today exceed a two-minute run time, with the general consensus being that if you can’t get the point across quickly, you shouldn’t make the commercial at all because people have short attention spans.

Peugeot took the opposite route, opting for length and substance to make its ad memorable.

Watch it below, but keep in mind that you can’t control the interactive portion unless you watch it on YouTube.

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