Peugeot-GM Alliance will Spawn New Vehicles

Peugeot-GM Alliance will Spawn New Vehicles

Last month General Motors and Peugeot finalized an alliance that will see the two companies share research, vehicle platforms and production. Now the alliance will help bring some new vehicles to the market as well.

The two companies will begin by sharing large vehicles, transmissions and a small car for emerging markets. A new plan also revealed by Peugeot is to co-operate on some other projects including minivans, crossovers and small cars. What this means is that we can expect some new vehicles to be born from this alliance, hopefully sometime in the not so distant future.

GM’s experience with larger vehicles and crossovers will certainly come in handy for Peugeot, who’s main market segment is generally small cars.

Additionally the companies will study low-emission vehicles, including hybrids and regular internal combustion engines.

[Source: Automotive News]