Porsche Driver Tries Toothpaste to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Porsche Driver Tries Toothpaste to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Doo-dads to keep speeding cameras from catching your license plates on film are all over the market, but one Chinese man thought of a better, or at least different plan to speed in his Porsche without penalty.

According to a story originally reported by the China Car Times, an industrious individual decided to live above the law by altering his license place — with toothpaste.

The man thought, cleverly enough, that he could take advantage of having blue plates with white lettering by squirting a little Colgate in creative places. Just like so many high school kids scratching their driver’s licenses to change, for example, an “8” into a “3,” this fellow made “1’s” into “7’s.” Unfortunately, it seems hisMacGyverlike plans didn’t pan out.

Police slapped him with a fine and took six points, of the 12 drivers start with, from his license. Unfortunately for him, those were the only six he had left, effectively suspending his driving privileges.

[Source: China Car Times]