Saab 9-3 TTA Race Car Breathes Life into Brand

Saab 9-3 TTA Race Car Breathes Life into Brand

The future of Swedish automaker Saab is still up in the air, but that hasn’t dampened the spirits of Saab enthusiasts that still love their cars. Flash Engineering has just unveiled the 9-3 TTA race car that will compete in the Swedish Racing Elite League this year.

In a way it’s nice to see that Saab, at least for now, will live on through racing enthusiasts. The aggressively-designed 9-3 race car sports a nice widebody kit typical to race cars, along with a vented hood, rear diffuser, and your necessarily large rear spoiler. Four of these 9-3 racers will be built and raced by Team Tidö. The team hasn’t finalized the driver lineup, but we can probably expect to see Jan Nilsson, Mattias Andersson, and Linus Ohlsson piloting the machines.

Saab fans will have more to cheer about this season though, as the 9-3 TTA race car will go head to head with the recently announced Volvo S60 TTA car. Jan Nilsson, Flash Engineering Managing Director, probably says it best: “I have longed for 40 years to see the fight between Saab and Volvo on the race tracks. It becomes reality this summer and my biggest dream is to get all Saab fans to the TTA races to cheer us on.”

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  • Jeroham Olortegui

    how can i get that rear wing?

    i have a 9-3 and i would love to have that wing on my car. Could you help me find it, it would be really nice. I have looked everywhere for this type of rear wing.

  • Dennis C. Malinowski

    My brother Bradley bought a 1999 Saab 9-3 Se convertible unfortunately he passed in 2008 at 51 yrs of age I now have his Saab which I have learned to love using it as my daily driver. You see just before he passed I bought a 2007 Infiniti which sits in the garage with less than 20,000 miles. Please bring back the Saab its quirky but very lovable