Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS is a Fancy Convertible Sedan

Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS is a Fancy Convertible Sedan

Dutch automaker Savage Rivale is hoping to change how the world perceives exotic sedans. Its Roadyacht GTS has four doors but is also a convertible – something we don’t see because storing the top takes too much space.

Savage Rivale decided to show off the retracting hardtop design that its calling a Retractable Telescopic Multi Panel (RTMP) roof mechanism, developed by Inalfa Roof Systems. The RTMP will be seen on the Roadyacht GTS to converting the sedan to a convertible in a very fancy way.

The streamlined design could be called revolutionary, essentially splitting the roof into retractable panels as it safely tucks into the rear of the Roadyacht GTS.

Watch an animated video of the roof in action after the break.

[Source: Savage Rivale]

  • Antoinefrankie

    Direct competition would be Lotus Elite and Maserati Grand Turismo Convertible which at between $138k-$152k American is still tough to justify. At that amount of coin, the Lotus with its 620 hp hybrid and retractable hard top will coax me into opening and shredding my wallet. Savage, great execution of functionality and design by dreamworks I must commend you, but that price tag guys. Ambitious,yes, rapid, yes, interior design, tres bien, but how must a Californian appreciate the extra $170k-$240k over thee other 2 is a personal fight I am currently dealing with. Cheers