SRT Barracuda to Sport Supercharged Hemi

SRT Barracuda to Sport Supercharged Hemi

Word is out that the Barracuda, said to replace the Dodge Challenger, will be the first SRT banded car to get Moar’s new 6.2-liter Hemi engine.

The supercharged 6.2L Hemi is currently still under development, but is estimated to have 490- to 540-hp on tap. The motor will make its debut in the new Barracuda before moving on to other SRT models.

Insiders are also reporting that the new Barracuda won’t be as “true to the original” as the current Dodge Challenger was to its heritage. It is even believed that the Barracuda could be built on a shortened large-car platform, while other rumors say it will be built on the new Alfa Romeo D-size platform that is still being developed.

One way or another, you’re probably going to be looking at a smaller muscle car from the SRT family.

[Source: Allpar]

  • Gene Kahler

    Wonder why the Challenger did so well. They held to the lines of the 70 to 74. They would be stupid not to use the Old cuda lines pre 1970. The cuda should be built with much less weight compairing to the Challenger.

  • ken

     YES!  The new ‘cuda should look like the 68 or 69, have the biggest engine possible and be $10K less than the Challenger without all the power options and weight!  Does Chrysler not remember the ’68 Roadrunner??

  • Wedive_at5

    The 70-71 Hemi Cuda’s are the standard bearer for MOPAR Muscle & they would be wise to include all the important stuff i.e. pistol grip shifter, shaker hood, cheese grater front grill, air vents along the back of the front quarter panels, Cuda badging.  They will miss the generation with walk up buying power if they fail to include these.  Camero & Mustang have been successful because they stayed close to the original designs.  It is ok to go with a smaller lighter version but they must keep the original classic design details.  The Charger is proof of what not to do.  There will be alot of disappointed middle aged folks with money if they fail to get this right as we have been waiting for the Cuda re-birth!   

  • 1atomic

    Chrysler rocks and Jeep and the new SRT division, in particular are among my favorite brands of all time. This is inclusive of car manufacturers across the globe. My thinking: Add the Baracuda/’Cuda ASAP, but keep the Challenger, especially in light of May 2012 sales and this sexy vehicle’s countless fans in all of North America. Tom

  • Linden

    I agree bring back the cuda and keep the challenger 

  • Lumbeepride25

    if the 6.2 puts out 470 hp the hp be. 540 or more

  • Droptopkid70

     The New Barracuda should be one of the Hotest Car yet.   Chevy; 
     My personal  

  • larry

    I want the 426 supercharged hemi please or count me out for buying one,make more sense to buy a Shebly that’s way cheaper and puts down 662 ponies.

  • larry

    I do as I had a 69 hemi orange roadrunner with a 383 magnum with a 4 speed,wow was that car fun.bring back the 426 hemi and supercharge it please so Mopar’s will rule the road’s again.