SRT Viper Fails to Gather Enough Facebook ‘Likes’

SRT Viper Fails to Gather Enough Facebook ‘Likes’

Despite the small army of auto journalists best efforts since noon yesterday, it seems the social media world is refusing to drink the Kool-Aid on the DriveSRT Facebook fan page.

Literally millions of people collectively read posts on automotive news sites every day, so it’s real shock that the latest teaser campaign for the SRT Viper failed at achieving its goal — garnering 2,013 new “likes” on the group’s Facebook fan page in 2013 minutes. The challenge started yesterday and will end at 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and though the page is crawling toward its goal, they still need around 1,000 more “likes.”

Maybe it’s because shocking cars like the Aventador J are stealing the Viper’s thunder that people seem to be snubbing the snake (cue the fail horn).

This is the second time SRT tried to run a social media stunt for the 2013 Viper using “likes.” Last time it worked perfectly: enough people participated and the picture you see above got released. Maybe people got the memo that even if they agree to have their timelines spammed, nothing cool comes to light.

In light of the failed first attempt at revealing the teaser, the DriveSRT folks have changed the paramaters, posting a new update at 9:30pm that explains that if said post gets 300 “shares” they will post the picture. 300 is a quite a departure from the original 2013 “likes” that they were looking for, obviously feeling the defeat and opting for an easy way out. There is no time limit on this one either, so it will undoubtedly eventually hit the 300 mark.

It is simply surprising that the American muscle car isn’t getting the attention that it once did, and surely deserves.

  • lee

    whoever wrote this article, isnt exactly what i would call “informed”. i love when these people decide to start writing something they know nothing about, other than things theyve just recently read. not many people even know of the drivesrt page, so to get 2 thousand new likes is pretty extreme. the reason they set it now at 300, is cause they WANT to show it to us, because people like us are passionate about vehicles, especially the Viper. the new viper has had no media or advertising in…ever really! cars like ferrari get posted to caranddriver and motortrend daily so they get tons of hits. and i dont think a drop top lambo is stealing its thunder. the viper will STILL smoke it on any track that ill guarantee you. lambo and viper are entirely different cars. ones a race car ones an expensive, beautiful look at me car. just wait and see 😉