Subaru BRZ to Get “Faster Version” Confirms Marketing Boss

Subaru BRZ to Get “Faster Version” Confirms Marketing Boss

Subaru teased the world with the BRZ STI concept at the LA Auto Show last year, and it now appears as though the automaker will live up to expectations, delivering a high-performance version of its new sports car.

In a recent interview, Subaru global marketing boss Atoshi Atake admitted as much, commenting that the company has been inundated with requests for a more powerful model. “Let me say this – we will certainly satisfy our customers,” said Atanke frankly. “We are already working on a faster version.”

As a concept, the BRZ STI was outfitted with a custom aero package, larger 18-inch wheels, high-performance tires, a massive rear spoiler and even a carbon fiber roof to further reduce the car’s already low center of gravity. The show car, however, continued to use the direct-injection 2.0-liter boxer 4-cyldiner with 197 hp.

While past brand history would indicate an STI version would use a turbo, that’s not the case here, with Atake saying that basic modifications to the intake and exhaust, as well as a higher rev limit could up power. In fact, Atake swore off a BRZ Turbo commenting that, “we want to keep turbocharging separate. It is for models like the WRX STI.”

In addition, Atake hinted that the BRZ could get a roadster variant, a real likelihood considering GT 86 lead engineer Tetsuya Tada has already said a GT 86 convertible is on the way.

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Watch AutoGuide’s first look video of the BRZ STI Concept below:

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  • Sean

    “we want to keep turbocharging separate. It is for models like the WRX STI.” That is stupid. Everyone waiting for the BRZ STi (including me) is waiting for a turbo. A turbocharged engine’s ease of modification is the point of buying a car like this. If Toyota still made the Supra turbo, we’d still be buying them. No turbo? Dealbreaker.

  • Synacks

    Seriously. I have been waiting for a lightweight RWD turbo  for SEVERAL years now. If either the Supra, Silvia, or any other model with those attributes were around we’d all be buying that. HELL, if the Cobalt SS was RWD I’d be all over that.

  • ryan

    all it needs now is a turbo and i will for sure buy one

  • brooklyn549

    Why do I have to buy an ugly 4 door WRX STI to get a turbo? It doesn’t seem right that the better looking car has no access to the ugly car’s power.

  • That’s the idea. Subaru knows if they do this they kill sales on the WRX STI because everybody will desire the BRZ STI even more due to its pure driving dynamics, light weight, and superior power:weight ratio. It will blow the WRX STI away, and Subaru cant have that — at least not yet.

  • Even if Subaru doesn’t make a turbo model, you can bet your ass many people will be turbocharging the BRZ if that means swapping a JDM Legacy turbo version or building the original BRZ engine. Whether it be Subaru or Aftermarket, it’s going to happen.