Subaru EyeSight Safety Technology Announced: 2012 New York Auto Show Preview

Subaru EyeSight Safety Technology Announced: 2012 New York Auto Show Preview
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Subaru announced its new, low-cost suite of safety systems called “EyeSight” today that the company says will be one of the most affordable instances of this technology on the U.S. market. 

By using two charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras mounted inside the car on the upper edge of the windshield, the company is able to offer a hybrid of safety featured including adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and vehicle lane departure warning. The feature is scheduled to debut as an option in the 2013 Outback and Forrester at the upcoming New York International Auto Show.

Keeping the cameras inside the car, Subaru says, will also prevent them from being damaged where other, bumper-mounted, systems might suffer.

At speeds below 19 mph, the system will be able to detect pedestrians and avoid impending collisions and is even able to stop the car completely under certain circumstances. When above that speed, EyeSight can apply the brakes if driver intervention isn’t detected.

Aside from applying the brakes, the system can also cut the throttle to slow down. EyeSight can also detect when the driver mistakenly shifts into drive instead of reverse while in a parking space.

The system can also be shut off, if so desired, to avoid notifications during off-road or rough road travel.

Pricing details weren’t released, but expect it to cost less than $2,100 which is how much Volvo’s comparable “technology package” runs for.