SUV vs Motorcycle Road Rage Gets Out of Hand – Video

SUV vs Motorcycle Road Rage Gets Out of Hand – Video

Human beings are capable of great acts of compassion and selflessness. We’re also all capable of being incredibly idiotic.

Case in point, this example of road rage in Brazil where an altercation between a motorcycle rider and the driver of a small SUV escalates into a near-death experience for at least one of the participants.

Watch and see for yourself below:

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  • Tom Donohue

    Like riding a motorcycle isn’t dangerous enough??

  • Colin Barnett

    If riders insist on lane splitting, they take the consequences. It may be legal in some parts, but it verges on madness in cities. If a rider wants to do so, then they do it with good grace and some understanding that it frankly pisses off most drivers. That said, the car driver was a complete tool for closing the gap as rider made his way through.  


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