Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Women Buyers

Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Women Buyers

10. Nissan Juke (tie): 52.7%

The funky crossover from Nissan has raised plenty of criticism with its unique styling, but is clearly a hit with the ladies. And why not? The Juke packs lots of performance with its 1.6L, turbocharged four-cylinder while maintaining decent fuel efficiency with 24-mpg city/31-mpg highway. Best of all, it’s affordable even though it’s oddly appealing.

  • Mel Barnett

    Mine is on order… It is the cutest thing around. Waiting on it is killing me. I have already bought seat cover and floor mats for ME, MY car. Stick shift so my family can’t drive it.

  • Randompopcorn

    This really helps me in this magazine project that I am doing, hopefully the company managers will approve of this and I will win since my teacher think my magazine idea is unique since it is a magazine for women!


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