Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Women Buyers

Top 10 Cars With Highest Percentage of Women Buyers

8. Toyota RAV4: 53%

The first-ever compact crossover SUV came from Toyota in the form of the RAV4 and has been a hit since it arrived on American shores in 1996. The perfect combination of utility and price, the RAV4 is 8th on the list of models with the highest proportion of female buyers. Not quite as large as the Toyota 4Runner or Highlander, the RAV4 is a good compromise for anybody.

  • Mel Barnett

    Mine is on order… It is the cutest thing around. Waiting on it is killing me. I have already bought seat cover and floor mats for ME, MY car. Stick shift so my family can’t drive it.

  • Randompopcorn

    This really helps me in this magazine project that I am doing, hopefully the company managers will approve of this and I will win since my teacher think my magazine idea is unique since it is a magazine for women!


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