Toyota FT-Bh Concept is a Tiny 112 MPG Hybrid: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Toyota FT-Bh Concept is a Tiny 112 MPG Hybrid: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

With the recent launch of the Prius c sub-compact hybrid in North America and its European counterpart, the Yaris Hybrid, Toyota is looking at bringing its gasoline-electric technology further down-market.

Looking like a tiny minivan that’s fading off in the distance, the FT-Bh (unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show) takes Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive to the city car segment popular in Europe and Japan. No details have been released about the powertrain but Toyota has said that with the car’s ultra low 0.235 coefficient of drag it expects a 2.1 l/100 km fuel economy rating – which roughly translates to 112 mpg. Of note, Toyota is also considering a possible plug-in hybrid version with a nearly unbelievable 0.8 l/100 km rating or… wait for it… 294 mpg.

Perhaps most importantly, says Toyota, the FT-Bh is not an ultra high-tech or ultra pricey model and doesn’t use expensive composites. The idea behind the car is to make an ultra fuel efficient four-seater vehicle that will still be affordable.

A concept for now, even if Toyota does push ahead to move the FT-Bh into production, don’t expect to see it on the roads for several years.



  • paul johnstone

    wow, a 4wheel aptera as pulg n hybrid. got to have me one of them

  • Maureen

    Too crazy, but I will drive anything cause that’s my job!!!

  • Steve

    Why do all high-mileage cars have to look so stupid?

  • Akash

    Just a question: look at the front wheel arch – is this reasonable: how will the wheel travel when the suspension will move vertically while absorbing shocks from irregularities in the road surface? Yes, Steve, the design is stupid.