Toyota GT86 in Full TRD Form Shown Off in Video

Toyota GT86 in Full TRD Form Shown Off in Video

The Scion FR-S has been on every car-enthusiasts mind for quite a while now. Today we find a video that will certainly help pass the time before the release. A Toyota GT86 (known to us as the Scion FR-S) Testing with full Toyota Racing Development (TRD) trim.

In this video you can spot a few upgrades to the stock GT86. TRD brakes, rims and a great sounding exhaust tone. Other TRD parts like front spoiler and upgraded headlights round out the TRD look.

Watch the whole video below.

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  • Skip

    Car is interesting, but “Rims”? Seriously? as a “professional”, I would think you would use the appropriate terminology for vechicle components. I’d dare say that TRD put the whole new wheels and tires on rather than just changing “rims” on the one piece wheels! (pet peeve – rant over)

  • Alfie

    Don’t forget that beautiful stainless steel diffuser under there!

  • Demandred7

    Despite this actually being a Toyota GT86, hopefully the TRD accessories will come over to North America for the Scion FR-S. I have yet to see any such accessories alluded to on the Scion website. One pic with foglights now on the website, so, maybe those will be available, but, this car really needs a spoiler. The TRD exhaust sounds better than the stock unit and presumably a minor performance improvement.