Toyota Prius c Commercial Features The Game of Life

Toyota Prius c Commercial Features The Game of Life

Board games aren’t popular like they used to be, thanks to the wealth of electronic entertainment available today. Still, many of us probably remember the Game of Life which is probably what Toyota is banking on with their new ad campaign for the Prius c.

Targeted towards first-time car buyers, Toyota leveraged its partnership with Hasbro to incorporate The Game of Life in its new “Malti-poo” ad. Another commercial will follow called “Dolphin Tattoo,” both of which will feature bright colors and bold imagery similar to the board game.

While the ads may seem weird, we applaud the Japanese automaker for realizing that a new generation is buying and that old sales tactics might now work.

“The Prius c campaign acknowledges the fact that buying a car is a big decision, as well as a new experience for many in this demographic,” said Bill Fay, group vice president, marketing, Toyota. “We wanted to give our customers something entertaining and engaging, yet familiar, they could identify with while introducing a vehicle to help them navigate this exciting new chapter in their lives.”

The Game of Life ads won’t only be TV commercials, Toyota will also be adding interactive digital elements to apps and other social networking sites like Facebook.

The Prius c is the newest addition to the growing Prius family, offering 53/46 mpg city/highway with a starting price of just $18,950. You can read and watch our review here.

Watch the quirky “Malti-poo” commercial after the break.

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  • Linda Furlong

    Your new commercial for the Prius C with the board game is about the stupidest commercial on TV. You should fire whoever approved this ad and fire the ad company.

  • Richards

    Your commercials for the Prius are the worst. Not only will I not buy the Prius but I have to question the mindset of a company that would put together such a stomach churning advertisement. In fact is this the kind of thought that goes into designing and building all your vehicles I will not buy another vehicle from Toyota. I dislike your train of thought so much I convinced my mother to sell the Toyota Hilander. It sold on Tuesday.
    Toyota used to mean something. Now I’m not sure I want to be associated with the name.

  • Bob

    Wow, I never would have bought a Prius for the “hippie” image before. Now Toyota just portrayed the new Prius C as a hoightey-toightey, better than thou image to a highly hypocritical car. How does no one realize in creation of the “green” car you’re polluting more to just make the thing. Oyy America. If anything this add seems aimed at young wannabe hipsters who want to be apart of the occupy wallstreet crowd. I’m young btw and this will not push my generation to buy such a car. It’s for old, creepy cat ladies!

  • Barry Gosling

    I just finished blasting Toyota Corp. for this sickening ad. Your endorsement of this ad shows that you wish to not upset the big corp folks. Essentially, what I told Toyota is that I’m not a kid, and my wife and I decided to buy this car before it was even available. With gas prices rising, we felt it was time to take a quantum leap forward in MPG. I have owned about 7 Toyotas in my life, and when in my 20’s I sold Toyotas for a few years. You might call me a loyal Toyota owner. So, I told them that we actually were driving our C when we saw this horrible ad. We felt we’d been stabbed in the back. We’re now afraid of anyone we know seeing us in the Malti-Poo kiddie car. A car is a collection of nuts, bolts and a computer. Toyota builds the absolute finest hybrids on the market. Why they would insult potential buyers and insult their loyal owners is a mystery to me. Anyone associated with this decision should be fired.

  • Meghan

    What color is featured in the commercial? IS that the MoonGlow?

  • Patrick

    Seriously – that commercial has got be the stupidest thing I have seen on television. There is absolutely no way that I would consider buying anything after watching something like that.
    1. Someone actually gets paid to come up with crap like that.
    2. Someone else gets paid to approve the first dummy’s idea.
    3. Even more time and money was wasted putting that idea on tv.


  • ki

    I though it was hilarious…my friends and I mock Prius as being a yuppie car and this commercial acknowledges that and shows the brand has a sense of humor. Some fine tuning is needed but this is about as good as it gets for commercials right now.

  • no c

    Worst. Commercial. Ever.

    I change the channel and refuse to watch the rest of whatever show was on if/when I see this sickening commercial play. Just terrible.

  • Keegan

    I don’t understand this commercial. Who are they trying to reach with it? The most superficial and “trendy” people in the world? It’s insulting to the consumer. I simply cannot understand what Toyota is thinking.

  • dylan

    Love Pius’s but your making people embarrassed to be associated with this car. Such a moronic commercial are you trying to sell cars to 6 year old girls!?

  • Weisshaupt

    Most people who buy the Prius want the world to be a giant kindergarten where a central authority teaches and enforces a group morality, and makes the tough life decisions for you. A world in which everyone has access to the school nurse, everyone must get a cookie in the name of fairness, and you are cared for like a child, and any decisions you make have no greater personal consequences than you would get from playing a board game. Is is really a surprise that you would market to them as children?

  • Barry

    You are all trying way to hard to figure this whole thing out. “Trendy” “Hipsters”? Some of us buy cars, not to make statements, but for practical reasons. My wife and I bought this car to SAVE MONEY ON GAS. Duh. I detest all the name calling and hostility. We’ve been driving economical cars (many of them Toyotas) for years. Now we’ve decided to move up to a car that is extremely economical. I’m not interested in judging people’s “Lifestyles” based on their cars. My complaint is that Toyota makes all of us, young and old, look like fools with this ad. Weisshaupt is totally clueless, and I may add, insulting to me and my wife, just like the Toyota ad is insulting. Bottom line, we’ver been driving this great C for 800 miles and are very happy with it. If you are unhappy with the ad, reserve your hostility for Toyota, not Prius buyers who just simply want a damn good hybrid.

  • Rob

    Commercials are supposed to make you want to buy a product, not kill everyone who owns it.

  • Dee

    EVERYTIME this commercial comes on I want to gag. If the remote is in my hand, I change the channel just long enough for it to pass.

    I agree with Rob.

  • Katja

    I love the Prius because it is very practical in this $4/gallon gas world, but I hate this commercial. I have 8 tattoos and most of my furniture is from Ikea. According to the commercial, I’m a loser that should go and get every single tattoo lasered off and find a new place to get furniture. That makes me feel great about myself. That’s what I took from it anyway.

  • Spike01

    Okay, first of all I love my Highlander (not a hybrid) and am a Toyota fan. BUT…..
    This commercial is horrible. It features a fat faggot that should make every fag in America ashamed to be sodomizer.
    Cut this ad NOW. It’s disgusting.

  • Donna

    The actor you have in this commercial is soooooooooooo unattractive. If you are going to use him again, please send him to get his eyebrows waxed and a haircut. He looks worse than the guys in the cave men commercials.

  • dbsarver

    This commercial is confusing and just plain stupid. I have no idea who their target audience might be.

  • Olivia

    I’ve always loved Toyota until your idiotic new boardgame commercials launched. Who is your target audience? Yuppies, with zero I.Q.’s?

  • Not an idiotttt

    Who do you think you are fooling with midget salesman. the car is little ohhh you’re looking little morons sorry I’m taller than that good luck

  • Bulldog Jim

    Did Toyota co opt the geico cavemen for the latest commercial? That dude fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down. Seriously. There should be two eyebrows. Or did I miss something?

  • Nicole

    I think the commercial is highly insulting to the customer base that they’re trying to sell to! It also highlights the fact that the kind of person that can afford a Prius doesn’t deserve to own one.

    Why would anyone buy a car from a company that is making fun of them?

  • Concerned

    The Commercial with the Guy with the Beard. Get rid of it him.
    Who trusts a guy with a beard!!!

  • Kathiedoorley

    I ‘m not concerned about his beard I want to know who the heck he is!  He is so familiar, the voice, the face, I know him!  Does anyone know his name before I go bonkers!!?

  • cowcharge

    The Prius C. A car for morons. But at least that creepy unibrow guy that looks like the love child of the Geico caveman and George Michael wasn’t in it.

  • Missalainiousa

    I Google’d “prius c commercial horrible” to see if anyone shares my opinion that these commercials are not just awful but an insult to society and a total detriment to the car itself. Are they seriously labeling anyone who would buy this car as a vapid, shallow hipster with so much expendable income they are using their “environmentaly friendly” car to blow cash on obnoxious, unnecessary and ridiculous luxuries like dog acupuncture?!? In this economy and culture? Are they supposed to have saved so much money they can afford this crap? Who the heck is their target audience? And I can’t believe the Life execs condoned the butchering of their game. These aren’t life events, they’re petty elitist drivel. Just like the damn dolphin tattoo, these commercials aren’t even cool in an ironic way. They are insulting and the soul reason I would never buy this car.

  • Dnandric

    Spokesperson is really creepy. He has predator eyes. Ugh!!

  • Jenkins

    I will buy a Prius if they stop airing that terrifying commercial with the giant caveman like leprechaun. 

  • Sidnee201

    say hello to the toyota monkey man……..

  • sleepyjohn

    I thought is was nice that Wolverine’s lesser known brother, Scruffy, was getting work!

  • Alex

    When i first saw this commercial, half of the time I was laughing and the other half, I was disgusted. I became disgusted with the ad when the big hairy guy began speaking in  his annoying voice. Although i believe this is a very good car that is very practical, the ad simply did not reflect that.

  • Keepitsocial

    I was going to buy a Prius, but after watching the Game of Life commercials, I think I’ll get a BMW…

  • anonymous

    this ad tells me one thing: douchebags drive Toyota Prius. I have never seen an ad that made me feel more negatively towards a product.