Toyota Prius C Sold by Dealer at Crazy Markup

Toyota Prius C Sold by Dealer at Crazy Markup

Charge as much as you can, when you can — that seems to be the mentality at Al Hendrickson Toyota of Coconut Creek, Fla. where the sought-after Toyota Prius C is marked up by a whopping $7,000.

A Twitter user with the handle Miami4me2c posted a picture showing the dealership’s “Market Value Adjustment” which brings the car, which carries a $19,900 base price, to a grand total of $27,834. That’s enough to buy the mid-range Prius hackback, but it doesn’t seem to matter because the Prius C is a hot-selling car.

Much to Toyota’s delight, it sold 1,200 units in the first three days of availability in the U.S., and demand continues to exceed supply. So much so that the automaker is taking steps to ramp up production by shifting resources and dedicating more space in its Kanto factory for the small Prius.

Despite that, dealerships like Al Hendrickson can try to scoop as many ladles of greed gravy as possible until the company manages to address the issue. It’s not uncommon for dealerships to mark high-demand cars up to recoup losses, but this case seems excessive.

We called the dealership looking for an explanation, but they refused to comment on the topic.

GALLERY: 2012 Toyota Prius C


[Source: Twitter via Green Car Reports]