Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel Recall Expanded

Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel Recall Expanded

The Toyota Tacoma was recalled earlier this month for a fault in the steering wheel spiral cable design, which the company claimed affected 2005 to 2009 models. Today, Toyota has expanded the recall to include all 2005 to 2012 model year Tacomas. 

The issue is that the steering wheel spiral cable rubs against the retainer inside the assembly, which over time can result in compromised connectivity to the driver’s-side airbag module. If this happens the drivers side airbag won’t work.

According to Toyota, there is a noise that accompanies the issue and can be deteced by drivers.

If you drive a 2005-2012 Toyota Tacoma, call your local Toyota dealership and they will replace the necessary parts for you.

[Source: TacomaHQ]

  • Calenviron

    It appears that the spiral cable also took out the collar switch which also affected other electronics in my truck (the overhead compass/temperature display).

  • Jay

    What if you have already paid for the repairs before the recall was issued? If anyone knows the answer to this, please email me at