Upgraded Hyundai Sonata Coming in 2014

Upgraded Hyundai Sonata Coming in 2014

The Hyundai Sonata is getting some upgrades, and the new facelifted sedan from the South Korean Automaker will debut in 2014. 

This information was revealed to Reuters by Hyundai chief executive Kim Choon-ho on the sidelines of an industry meeting.

The Hyundai Sonata is the South Korean brands top selling automobile in the U.S., and third best seller in Korea, so it has a strong following to please with the new update. The Sonata as we know it now was introduced to our market in 2010, and has received a very mild refresh since, so this newest redesign should be much more significant.

Hyundai has been adding value to its Sonata consistently since it hit the market, with the addition of Blue Link telematics, improved fuel economy and a lifetime warranty on Sonata hybrid batteries.

Kim Choon-ho also let slip that the revamped Hyundai Genesis would debut sometime in late 2013 .

[Source: Automotive News]