Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet, Hot-Hatch Turned Chick Car: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet, Hot-Hatch Turned Chick Car: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Volkswagen debuted its GTI Cabriolet today at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, giving the world its first look at the transformed car.

Little is really different with the convertible GTI, aside from the market appeal it will garner with the topless shenanigans.

It’s still powered by the same 2.0-liter turbo four cylinder that makes 210 hp and 206 lb-ft of torque, though with a 0.4-second slower 0-60 at 7.3 seconds.

During the presentation the company highlighted the honeycomb grille and other changes made to the most recent GTI, giving it more of an aggressive look.

A sharply-defined side line runs from the hood all the way to the tail lights, complimenting the car’s shape where the top folds away.

The car comes with 17-inch aluminum wheels standard, though 18-inch wheels as shown above are an option.

Really, the only difference between the popular hot-hatch and the new cabrio is just that — the open-air cruising capability. If nothing else it will serve to broaden appeal for the GTI and help Volkswagen move closer to its growth goals.

GALLERY: 2013 Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet


GALLERY: 2013 Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet


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  • Anthony

    I thought this was already done and called the Eos.

  • Kate fletcher

    I have driven the VW cabriolet in Toronto for 11 years and very sadly have to retire the car – I want to replace it with the new Gti cabrio and find it is unavailable in Canada. I have no interest in the eos- please could you advise ?
    Thank you

  • VW Turbo kicks ass

    The GTI is a Better looking car then the Eos so VW bring on the GTI Cabriolet To Ontario Canada .