Volkswagen SC Planned as Smaller CC

Volkswagen SC Planned as Smaller CC

German automaker Volkswagen has given the green light to develop a second four-door coupe to join its popular CC model in its lineup. It’s currently known as the SC (sport coupe) internally, but the nameplate is expected to stick.

The new SC will be positioned as a smaller CC and will be part of the seventh-generation Jetta lineup. VW hopes the SC will help boost market share in the Chinese and North American markets while further bolstering European sales. The SC got the nod from Volkswagen after US market studies showed that a coupe version of the Jetta only got a mediocre response from potential customers.

“Our research suggests there is increasingly a market for a sportier and more stylish version of the Jetta in the mould of the CC only smaller and more affordable. From the feedback we’ve received so far buyers want an individual bodystyle and the practicality of four doors,” a Volkswagen source told Autocar UK.

The willingness to drop a coupe project for a sedan is probably a smart business decision for VW. The German automaker sold 889,945 Jetta-based sedan models in 2011, a significant increase from its 2009 677,793 figure. It’s expected that the SC will feature a much sportier body than a standard Jetta sedan and will be based on the MQB platform that is also found on the Audi A3.

Current estimations is that the SC will be introduced to the European market in 2015 and should make its way to America shortly thereafter.

[Source: Autocar UK]

  • Pat

    I love the idea of a 3/4 size CC! I also agree with VW’s decision that 4-doors are what now sell. Case in point: the first generation of the iconic Beetle’s water-cooled descendants from 1998-2010 saw sales drops every single year with the exception of 2010, its last year. The 2012 Beetle is also off to a slow start as well. In October and November of 2011, about 4300 were sold in the US, or an average of a little over 2000 each month, but then in December, January, and February, VWoA sold 1500, 1400, and 1300 units respectively, which indicates that interest is already declining. In the meantime, Jettas and Passats are kicking some serious butt in sales numbers. Add a 4-door “coupe” to the standard Jetta offerings for $1500-$2000 more, and VW would have a winner.

  • 25 yrs of VW and leaving

    We want real!! german cars not these POS for VW. It’s so hard to see the my beloved vw’s turn into turds on wheels with broke ass north american approach. Jetta, passat beetle are shit! german engineering my ass!! more like pull the wool over everyone eyes!