Volkswagen to Produce Porsche Boxster Starting this Fall

Volkswagen to Produce Porsche Boxster Starting this Fall

Volkswagen still has a while to go before they can completely take over Porsche, but the German automaker is slated to begin producing Porsche‘s Boxster at their Osnabrück plant, where VW produces their Golf Cabriolet.

The VW plant in Germany will begin volume production of the Porsche Boxster starting this fall and the total capacity at the Osnabrück plant is 100,000 vehicles per year. Porsche plans on using the VW plant to handle overflow production from its main plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany.

Prior to this, Valmet Automotive was Porsche’s partner for overflow production. Valmet had manufactured 227,890 Boxter and Cayman cars at its plant in Finland from 1997 to 2011.

[Source: Wards Auto]

  • Chad

    With so many Boxters be made, won’t that diminish the perceived value of the car? Part of the Porsche appear is the exclusiveness. While not horribly expensive, one still needs to be fair well off to afford one, insure it, fill it up with gas…