Volkswagen Tops Strategic Vision Total Value Index

Volkswagen Tops Strategic Vision Total Value Index

For the second year running, Volkswagen is the best “Total Value” brand according to ratings agency, Strategic Vision.

The Total Value Index is a “calculation of explicit owner statements on 442 attributes and focuses on immediate and expected (long term) economic factors such as warranty, technical innovation, standard equipment, mpg, etc. and each is weighted appropriately as the data dictates,” according to the agency.

Hyundai took second place, while Ford ranked third in “Total Value Index.” But more importantly is that for the first time in over 10 years, American automakers lead the number of Total Value winners with eleven segment leaders. There are 23 specific segments in total ranging from small car to near-luxury car to standard pickup.

Topping the charts in Total Value Index was the Chevrolet Volt in the Mid-Size Car segment with a score of 836. “Even though the median price of a Chevy Volt was $43,000, owners believe that for every dollar spent, they got more than did buyers of other vehicles. Customers had tremendous value appreciation for Volt’s technical innovation, warranty, standard equipment and certainly fuel economy,” said Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision.

Hybrid or electric vehicles also topped their respective segments this year, with the Honda Civic Hybrid leading the Small Car segment, Nissan Leaf in the Small Multi-Function segment, the previously mentioned Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid in the Near-Luxury Car segment.

  • kickincanada

    This is true for sure – great value. I own a Volt in one of the coldest climates in North America and its a pretty cool car. I’m not an environmentalist (previous ride was a Ford Expedition) but it’s not as expensive as one would think. With incentives and saving $2000 a year in gas and maintenance (oil changes once every 2 years, brakes last 100K minimum) over 5 years that’s lots of $$$ towards the purchase. So about $25-30K for a really advanced car is actually in line with the average cost of a new car these days. And it isn’t a Cruze – more like a 3 series bmw! And as for incentives – kill any for big oil and gas, mortgage deductions etc and then we can talk.
    Its range is pretty good – 45 miles in the spring / summer / fall on battery – more if you use gas. If you charge at work or in between drives you can actually go 70-100 miles per day on electric – basically you get to give the oil companies the middle finger when you drive by the gas station. Weird to spend more on car washes than gas. And my hydro bill has gone up about $30-40 a month. I also love the fact I am using a domestic source of fuel and not relying on sources of energy produced by hostile regimes.
    One more thing – the battery will likely outlast the car as the battery and all electrical components of Volt, Leaf, etc are warrantied for 8 years.
    Bottom line is the Volt is a great fun car with great service and support from GM. People really need to get out and test drive one. And it looks great to.
    David in Ottawa, Canada