Washington State Trying to Penalize EV Owners for Saving Gas

Washington State Trying to Penalize EV Owners for Saving Gas

Washington State doesn’t like people buying electric vehicles (EVs), or so it seems based on a proposed law to penalize EV owners. 

While the Federal Government is offering a $7,500 tax credit to those that wish to buy an EV, the Washington State Government wants to penalize owners to the tune of $100 a year because they will never buy gasoline. The reason? Not buying gas means not paying for gas taxes.

If the law passes, Washington will become the first state to impose a tax on EV owners rather than offering an incentive. Stranger still is that Washington is generally a blue-voting state, yet this law seems to contradict the White House’s goal for a million EVs on the road by 2015.

That aside, isn’t it presumptuous to assume that someone who owns an EV won’t buy gas? Maybe not in the same quantity as before, but under that logic anyone who buys a new vehicle should incur some sort of fine for burning less fuel.

Washington lawmakers also seem to have overlooked the fact that pure EVs also aren’t capable of long-distance trips yet, meaning most owners will still own a gasoline-powered car for distance driving.

Residents in the state of Washington that are electric vehicle owners – and even those that are not – are fighting the bill, which they have successfully done in the past. Feel free to join the conversation by contacting your representative in the Washington legislature and Governor Chris Gregoire to remove the Electric Vehicle Fee from Senate Bill 6455.

[Source: The Future is Electric]

  • Chad

    Gas taxes pay for road repairs. In fact, EV owners are cheating the local government of the very money that pays for the road repairs. Therefore, the money that those pig-heavy EVs are stealing from the rest of the tax payers must be paid up. There is no such thing as a free ride.

    Pay your vehicle taxes, or don’t drive. Own up to your responsible share of road maintenance costs and stop being a stupid hippy.

  • Paul

    Seriously, Gas taxes by themselves DON’T singlehanditly pay for road repairs, all taxes return revenue to government, then budget pays for things LIKE road repairs, it’s a dumb tax, it is like comparing that situtational tax to a lower tax rate on gas guzzler cars like big rigs and Hummers; also local governments SHOULD already be able to tax the electricity (used in charging stations) a percentage of that to pay for roads, so in a shorter explanation, don’t gripe that EV owners are “cheating” local governments of their road repair funds when the local government isn’t thinking in the long term how EVs are magically excepting their owners of contributing to government road repair. Also what’s your problem with Hippies?


    Chad, the issue of roads degrading under EV usage (which is really minimal when you think about how light and few in numbers EVs will be for the next decade) is indicative of a larger problem of externalities that needs to be better captured by our regulatory system. Driving ICE vehicles creates pollution, leads to oil spills and releases GHGs into the atmosphere — not to speak of creating foreign entanglements. If EV drivers are made to pay for road use, then ICE drivers should have to pay extra for air, water, and military expenditures.

    Let’s be consistent.