Will.i.am Teams up With Chrysler For 300s Commercial

Will.i.am Teams up With Chrysler For 300s Commercial

As if his venture into the automotive industry wasn’t enough with IAMAUTO, Will.i.am has shown up again in a Chrysler 300s commercial, selling the car to young club goers with his own song “the hardest ever” playing throughout. 

The car’s looks, style, and stereo are the focus of the spot, with not even a passing mention of performance or engine stats. I guess the market that buys a car from Will.i.am isn’t necessarily the most car savvy group for the most part.

A Beats by Dre audio system is shown off in the commercial too, but there is not sign of the doctor himself.

At least Will.i.am is associating himself with a good looking car, unlike his own designed IAMAUTO car, which looks like it was put together using an eight year old Lego set.

Watch the spot below, and decide for yourself whether the self proclaimed “hardest ever” pop star should be selling cars.

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