Win a 1970 Dodge Charger in KFC Contest – Video

Win a 1970 Dodge Charger in KFC Contest – Video

KFC’s latest marketing campaign for its classic Chunky Chicken Pot Pie has been a hit as audiences complimented its cool retro style. While that pot pie does look down-right scrumptious, the red 1970 Dodge Charger was the most eye-catching of all.

Fans of the commercial shared their thoughts on KFC’s Facebook page, “The Pot Pies are delicious, but my nod goes to the Dodge Charger!” Another shared the same sentiment, “Man, that’s one sexy 1970 Charger!”

After the outpour of appreciation, KFC announced a special photo contest where the very Charger will be the grand prize awarded to the winner. Chief Marketing Officer Jason Marker explained, “There are lots of ‘classics’ in our current commercial, from the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie and the Dodge Charger to the dudes’ sunglasses and sideburns. Now, one lucky fan is going to own the very car that has been creating all this online buzz. And no matter what the decade, anyone would look cool pulling up to the KFC drive-thru in that classic ride.”

Here is how the contest works: visit KFC’s Facebook page and upload a fun and classic “old school” themed photo. The submitted picture could either be a real photo taken in the 70’s or it could be one that was inspired by the decade. Once uploaded, the picture will automatically post on the user’s Facebook page and will be forwarded to KFC as well. Pictures will be graded on creativity, originality, and consistency with the KFC brand image.

The contest, aptly named “Bring Back a Classic,” will run through April 1, 2012. The winner of the photo contest will be announced after April 15, 2012.

Check out KFC’s Bring Back a Classic Advertisement Below:

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  • michael d reap

    Lord I dont have a car and really need one…Just started looking to see what I have to do to win this cool ride…

  • george flurey

    had a 69 charger in high school brought back a lot of memories

  • Erick Jackson

    i would like to submitt my entry to win the 1970’s charger. that year is still the most popular of the year and besides? I DON’T HAVE A CAR!!!!!!!!! please let me win that charger? i would take great care of it. contact me for info :313 424 2256. erick jackson 7001 convention drive, warren, mi 48092. i live in a hotel and need transportation.

  • Jack Wadsworrth

    How do you enter contest??

  • Matthew

    I had a Purple 70 R/T in 1992 & would love to have another one.

  • Louis

    Those of you who ‘need’ transportation… do you have any idea of what the insurance cost will be with this car? Its a “classic” car, you’ll need to go to the secondary/specialty market for insurance, it will be THOUSANDS to insure this car annually. And in most states you’ll have to pay sales tax/excise tax (even on a free car if not from a family member) to get title and put plates on it, this car is worth over (conservatively) $50,000. So, if you need transportation, and have the 5-8K it will cost to put this car on the road for one year, why not just buy a 5-8K car now? Oh, and it will have fuel economy of a lawn mower too, with gas at +$4 a gallon, how far are you going to drive this?

  • jesse

    enter me to win that Charger please. I need a mount, not concearned with cost or technicalities only performance…

  • terriann medina

    I would like to submitt my entry to win the 1970′s car. It not for me it would be for my boyfriend. He loves old cars and always say he loves that car. It would make my day to see his face if he got it

  • dave lesney

    Are you kidding me ! I grew up on pot pie’s and tv dinners ! I still eat them . I love yours , great great taste! Around about that time , I was watching the dukes of hazard ! ONE of my favorite shows ! Eat’n a pot pie, watching daisy duke, I mean that fine car ! clasic , good job, great food ! I would love this car, and would only let a girl in it that had on daisy dude’s ! I’D be in heaven ! thanks dave l

  • Gregory M Powell

    WOW! That is one sweet classic ride. Takes me back!

  • Paul Pitts

    I grew up in the 70’s and always admired the dodge charger as a kid dreaming that I could afford such a car when I got my Liscense. I think it was the car in the movie ” Dirty Mary and crazy Larry” then I was even more in love with the car a true American legend muscle car!

  • jack sparrow

    @louis….it would not be that much more if any then a new or late model…I’m guessing u don’t know much about muscle cars….it will depend on what motor it has if its a auto or 4speed how original it is…if its a “one up” restoration then that could be a 100,000 dollars plus car and u wounldnt drive it in the first place….I’m guessing all they did was find a 70 charger is through on something R/T badges and MAYBE put a real r/t motor….and here’s the thing…if the kid can’t afford to insure it he can sell it for something he can….so just think outside the norm and do alittle research before you post and shoot someones dreams down

  • Chris dettloff

    My grandma just passed away the and bunch of my friends have died lately i really like this car and my step dad wanted to win this for his dad he’s 70 and wants to feel young again please contact me back we really have a dream to have this car thanks

  • don and cindy lamb

    Its about time someone figured out that yesterday was not such a bad thing especially when the greatest products were simple pot pies being one of them.As far as the car, representing the past as being near the end of a great era when the greatest car companies were giving people the experience of power with a mustle car, simple. who was worried about gas then?They are both simple and unmatched.

  • Pan Glass

    I dated a guy in H.S. that had this exact car. All the guys were jellous and the girls drooled over his sweet ride.

  • carolyn jones

    I don’t have a car and would love to have that dreamy car. My best memory was of my 60’s mustang which I don’t have anymore but had in high school and had to sell cause I could not afford to keep it. I would love to Win That Car which KFC is giving away! What is neat is I graduated in 1970 and that would be so cool to win! Just a beautiful car!

  • Alec

    I really hope i win this car i really need it for this summer 🙂 my birthday is april 12th pretty close to the give away day be my first car haha turning 16

  • P. A. Nichols

    Would love the car – parents had 69 Charger I could drive during senior year 1970. But I apparently xan’t enter because I’m not on Facebook. Wonder if they’d accept pic on Twitter…?

  • Mark Barnette

    I have always wanted this car ever  since I was in high school