2011 Chevrolet Cruze Under Fire Investigation

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Under Fire Investigation

Possible engine fires in the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze are being investigated by NHTSA after two have been completely destroyed.

Luckily no injuries have been reported with the fires, which Cruze owners are reporting began while the cars were moving. One complaint from a Cruze owner said, “The car was totally engulfed within five minutes of stopping, and it was only after the first sign of fire was visible that the warning light on the dashboard illuminated.” The driver was 30 miles into a 43-mile trip.

If there is indeed a recall on the Cruze, it could be a costly one depending on the defect. Chevrolet sold 177,000 2011 Cruzes and is cooperating with the investigation.

  • Cassie

    I have a 2011 Chevy Cruze and for about 2 months now, everytime I drive it smells like my car is over heating but the gauges never show that it is!!

  • JRT

    My wife’s 2011 RS model does the same thing. Hope they figure it out soon!

  • Pete

    We have had ours for one year, 21,000 miles, and absolutely no problems of any kind.

  • David Radford

    Hello Everyone,

    Just an FYI I have 3 2011 chev cruzes in my security patrol fleet. Today at 1730hrs (530pm) one of them went up in flames. The vehicle had about 96,000km. We have another cruze at 140,000 and another at 75,000km… We have issued a safety warning to our staff to prepare the vehicle for emergency evac while it is reviewed.

  • Gregory Polanin

    I am/was the owner of the car mentioned in the above article. Let me first start off by saying GM has showed zero interest in viewing the vehicle in an attempt to determine a cause. In fact GM stated that they would not be interested in viewing the car unless I was willing to pay for their expert to view the vehicle. The car had under 11,000 miles, was dealer serviced, and until this fire did not have any other mechanical malfunctions other than a torn CV boot. I find it hard to believe GM made the statement they are investigating when they have never viewed the vehicle.

  • Dennis Brewer


    I am a 2011 Cruze owner as well. I’m also a former GM employee and my wife works at the GM Tech Center. What you have described above is not how GM handles vehicle owner problems or complaints. Please give me the name of the person and dealer that you contacted. I will see to it that the proper executives/engineers contact you immediately. You may reach me at Dbrewerm@aol.com.

  • Brad Lopez

    I too, have the same issue with the smell. It started about 2 to 3 months ago. I was driving when I first started smelling it. It smelt like something electrical. I didn’t think anything of it, now sometimes it smells like it from the inside of the car. I have had mine for a year with 32,000 miles. Hopefully nothing major seeing as how I have a 2 year old I drive around with sometimes.

  • wayne

     I also Have 2011 Cruze , 5400 miles 13 moths old,
    I also smell anti-freeze, when out side of it,
    Retired Truck Mechanic 34+ years and engine Re builder

  • Sophiagrendell
  • Kwmcgee

    Today Mine with less then 15k on it caught fire, Park after 20 min trip from dealer, where it had just been serviced and NY state inspec.. Looks to be totaled???? Fire looks elect, in nature and started under the hood left front, drivers side. VERY BAD!!!!!!

  • Rlhernan09

    I had my enginee light warm me to idle my car and i tool to dealership twice and they installed a new tramission.

  • Shelleyrennie

    I had my cruze fixed the other day, they cut a 3′ x 2′ hole out from under the car. Not very happy about this and will be contacting the dealer in the morning.


    I live in UK, as of now I’M writing my Chev 2011(61) cruze is at the dealer’s garage. It almost caught fire while I was driving my family to Church on Sunday morning just about 14miles journey from home. There was no warning or whatsoever, just in a blink of an eye the car was almost on fire on a 40miles per/hr road, luckily it happened in front of a bus stop then I quickly in a sec and pull over and everyone evacuated. It was terrifying because I never saw anything like that before. after the incident the car refuses to start and was causing very big engine vibration and smoke, it is then the engine warning light came on. I do service my car regularly. this car has been with the dealer for two weeks since the incident and they are still yet to come up with an answer. I think GM should now understand that this matter is very serious and should not be in anyway neglected. the dealer where the car is now is EVANS HENSHAW CHEVROLET DEALER ST ALBANS HERTS UK.