2013 Lincoln MKZ Photos Leaked Ahead of 2012 New York Auto Show

2013 Lincoln MKZ Photos Leaked Ahead of 2012 New York Auto Show

Ahead of its scheduled debut at the New York Auto Show, photos of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ sedan leaked onto the internet today. 

Courtesy of Eastern European publication AutoForums.cz, we can now report that the upcoming MKZ has little changed from the concept car released at last January’s Detroit Auto Show.

The side-view mirrors got a little bigger, as did the headlights, though most of the styling stayed the same. An interior shot also reveals that much of the concept was accurate to the production model, with scant wood–stlye accents with mostly black and chrome trim throughout.

Smaller alloy wheels also seem to be a part of the production model, though the key feature we’re most curious about isn’t detailed in the shots.

That means we’ll still have to wait until April 4 to find out about the fully-retractable panoramic roof which has been confirmed for the sedan despite few specific details being available. We do know that it will feature 100 spf UV protection to keep occupants from getting sunburned, but we’re still not sure how much it will cost as what we’re assuming will be an option.

Check back during our live coverage for more details on the flagship vehicle of what will be a refreshed Lincoln lineup.

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  • Andy Smith

    A truly beautiful, head-turning car. Wish I could afford one. Heck .. wish I could afford any new car. Been doing the “buy your new car three years old” for 10 or 12 years now. 🙁

  • P

    Wow…it’s awful. No cohesiveness in the design, a C-pillar you could land a plane on, very anonymous looks (like a Camry).

    Once again…this is a trim level on a Fusion.

    Ford has successfully screwed Lincoln up so much that it can’t be saved.

    This Fusion rebadge is terrible.

  • twintornados

    Oh “P”….still with the rant? Whats the matter…Mom kick you out of the basement again? Frustrating that you have to rely on the local public library for your bandwidth needs…hows the ‘vic runnin??

  • Martok

    Geez “P”, learn a new tune you loser! Anyone that lives next to this tool in Minnesota, go to his grandma’s house and kick him in his teeny, tiny, little testicles.