2013 MINI Clubvan Confimed for Production and U.S. Sales

2013 MINI Clubvan Confimed for Production and U.S. Sales

We first saw the MINI Clubvan at the Geneva Motor Show, where it debuted as a concept, and now we can tell you that it will go into production and be available for purchase here in America.

The Clubvan is based on the MINI Clubman, and will have the same dimensions and exterior style, but that’s where the similarities end.

The Clubvan has no back seats, and sports new features to accommodate the cargo hauling identity of the vehicle. It will get a stainless steel grille separating the front passenger area from the cargo area, cloth lined rear storage space outfitted with six hooks for tie downs and an integrated 12V power socket in the rear. The rear side windows will be lined with polycarbonate and safety foil on the inside, and body color matching foil on the outside to make them opaque.

While the Clubvan won’t compete with the Ford Transit Connect or Mercedes Sprinter, due to its small size and less cargo space, it will be operating in its own small cargo segment with virtually no competition, which may help it achieve high sales.

The Clubvan will be released as a 2013 model, and will hit US showrooms in September of 2012.

[Source: Car and Driver]