2013 Scion FR-S Launch Coincides with Canadian Motorsport Sponsorship

2013 Scion FR-S Launch Coincides with Canadian Motorsport Sponsorship

Aspiring Canadian racers have something to look forward to this summer as Scion announces its plan to sponsor motorsports drivers for the second year in a  row. 

Timed to coincide with the 2013 FR-S release, the company will hold a series of racing events. Those who wish to participate will need to contact Scion Canada to register. In order to qualify, those participants need to run in at least two races, which will include a slalom, time-attack, drag racing and more.

All of the events will happen under Scion supervision in the spirit of encouraging amateur racing. While it’s an almost laughably small prize, first place winners will be awarded up to $500, second place is good for $300 and $125 for third.

A division champion will also be crowned to receive an extra $800 as a prize. It seems that Scion recognizes the likelihood for its predominantly young, male  target market to want to race the new sports car and is trying to offer a safe venue for the activity.

“The all-new FR-S is a legit sports car – a car that is light, nimble, sleek, sporty, and offers a pure driving experience on the race track,” said Larry Hutchinson, senior executive director of Scion Canada. “We’re excited about the contributions that both the FR-S and Scion Racing contingency program will be able to make to enhance Canadian motorsports.”

There wasn’t any word on the other competitions, but given its track prowess we can’t help but wonder if a drifting competition will number among the undisclosed contests.

If so, it could lead to some interesting YouTube videos courtesy of our neighbors from the north. If nothing else, the boy-racer community will have a closed-course outlet for it’s fast-and-furious imitation. Hopefully that will be enough to contain the hooning.

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