2014 Chevy Impala: New Model, New Emblem

2014 Chevy Impala: New Model, New Emblem

The all-new 2014 Chevrolet Impala is set to go on sale in early 2013 and the American automaker has released its new emblem design. Much like the Corvette, the Impala has its own emblem in addition to the brand’s signature bowtie.

Since its debut in 1958, the Impala has worn variations of the leaping African antelope which the vehicle is named after. The 2014 Impala will mark the 10th generation of the model and the new emblem was designed to complement its more modern, athletic design of the full-size sedan.

Two versions of the new emblem can be seen on each side of the vehicle, so that the antelope always appears to be running forward. The new Impala emblem has a bright chrome finish and Impala logos are also stamped on the aluminum sill plates.

“For the new Impala, we wanted to evolve the emblem to complement the new vehicle design without making any radical changes to its character,” said Joann Kallio, lead creative designer for Chevrolet global badging. “We kept the stylized interpretation of the animal, and made the impala more muscular.  We also added defined edges, to give the impala a sleek form and make it look like it was running fast.”

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