2015 Mustang to Get Fusion (Aston Martin) Styling Cues

2015 Mustang to Get Fusion (Aston Martin) Styling Cues

Here are the facts: the Ford Mustang will continue into the future and there will be a Shelby GT500 version available with the redesign. Beyond that, details are foggier than a seasoned weatherman’s report. 

Still, we know that the Mustang hasn’t been selling well recently. In fact, it’s been out-sold by the Chevrolet Camaro for two years running. Speculating far into a car’s future is difficult if not downright silly, but people probably wouldn’t have predicted such a fall from grace.

It presents Ford with a quandry: how to keep the old guard while attracting fresh blood? Official pictures and details are far from hitting our notepads, but we do know that the automaker is considering a turbocharged four cylinder, but that’s hardly news. Still, the only member of the “Big Three” not to have taken bailout money seems to be on its toes, looking for a new worm and hook that appeals to the Millenial generation which is on the cusp of its car-buying years.

Night crawlers might look more-or-less the same, but according to quotes from the Wall Street Journal the 2015 Mustang will mark its 50th anniversary by shedding the retro clothes. Instead, the updated wardrobe will draw heavily from Ford’s Evos concept (pictured above), initially seen last summer.

That car inspired the updated 2013 Fusions sedan, and it would appear as though all of them borrow heavily from Aston Martin.

That notion will probably be enough to rock a few boats, but the automaker hopes to keep enough of a balance to put young buyers in line and keep old fans happy. The same source also said key features like a protruding hood and rounded headlights will remain, but it’s hard to picture what that means after looking at the Evos.

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise that the retro-styled current generation ‘Stangs aren’t first on many young consumer’s lists. They didn’t grow up with them, but then again many others did.

Maybe a fuel-efficient turbocharged four-cylinder will appeal to Millenials hunting for a more potent, low-cost blend than the high-end Dodge Dart, which will debut this year. It also seems unlikely that a company like Shelby would get on board with Muscle car farce, so hold off on panicking if the idea of a “modern looking” Mustang boils your blood, the GT500 is still a safe bet for performance. People will still buy a Mustang for value performance, even if it’s ugly in their eyes. If you don’t believe it, look at the first-generation Fox Body.

GALLERY: Ford Evos concept


[Source: Wall Street Journal]

  • Ian


    Every 30-40 year old American male’s head just exploded.

    I’m all for it, but as a 20 something millenial, I would be. 🙂

  • S08531

    I had complimented ford on keeping the Mustang fresh but with a retro tint, that’s all gone now . It will probably go the way of the Cougar after it’s European update

  • Mike

    FINALLY Detroit gets smart (Ford) and produces something that will becoe a show stopper unless some IDIOT @ Ford decides to chop it up. Beautiful Auto, “SEX ON WHEELS”

  • Camaro813

    im 31 and you can keep your damn 4 cylinder  if your worried about gas get you a little focus or something stupid.  once again ford comes up with a way to make mustangs even worse.  Im sure my grandma would like it thou

  • Bigsam

    Ford should just get back to what made the mustang a better choice than the camaro, more power in a lighter car. Keep the old pony inspired body too. If they want to change the body style so much then just make a diiferent car instead of changing what everyone knows a mustang to look like. People buy mustangs because they want a sexy, fast, affordable car that spanks a camaro (or similar car) on the road. As far as the 4 cylinder idea goes, they should make ONLY the base model 4 and the sport model a turbo 6 and leave the option open for higher stage turbos and even twin turbo packages. I just dont think it would be right or intelligent to put a 4 cylinder motor in a car that has a v8 that most people supercharge anyway. It would be better to let it die than make some bastardized mockery of it to parade around the world as an embarassment to all mustangs.:)

    A “Millenial”

  • Ace

    Hey, Ford? If your smart, don’t try to change the Mustang TOO much… Remember what happened when you tried to “update” the Thunderbird’s retro design for 2002? It Bombed. Please don’t do it to the original pony car… It’d ruin it’s thunderous glory for many years to come…

  • Katstang7

    I want to like it,but I hate it. I’ve had three in my lifetime. I would not buy this one. I’ll but a new Challenger, and keep my old convertible. 

  • Katstang7

    Buy a new Challenger. I can spell, I can’t type.

  • K-Dogg

    Think I’ll keep my Charger

  • Amber VanCamp

    I have to say that this car is COOL! If I was going to buy an American car I would buy a ford over Chevy ever time!!

  • Gideon

    Uhm…just end the line and call this the Probe.

  • Nathan Freedenberg

    I think Ford is headed in the right direction here. For the 50th Ford really needs to move away from the nostalgia of the Mustang and make a real statement.

  • Osterich432

    Gideon….I thought the very same thing….it does look like a modified Probe.

  • Jeep’R

    That’s no Mustang and it will NEVER sell as one..story is a hoax it even says Evos concept.
    Duh…..Evos is Ukranian for PROBE!!

  • Kyle

    That doesn’t look like a Mustang at all at least to me.

  •  Here they go again..cloning cars..especially the front end and grille..if this is to be the Mustang! Mustang people are not hype about a sporty Fusion….clone!

  • Armywife102393

    What a way to ruin a legend!

  • Ezra

    history will repeat itself with an ugly mustang. 

  • Jodl73

    Will be nice if it’s styled after the Aston Martins. Have you seen the current Vantage V8’s? Sexy styling and they to have a nice muscle car sound. Also if you take a look at the 86-87 Aston Martin’s they have Mustang styling cues.

  • Mike

    People please remember what has happened in the past decades to the present. Camaro sales are suppose to be high for the simple fact that the car was brought back into production after a 10 year absence!  thats a long time for people to buy only Mustangs without its direct competitor not to mention being the only amercan muscle choice outside of the corvette.  Camaro lovers was whole heartedly gonna jump the mustang ship (and talk big lip) just as soon as the new camaro got into showrooms.  Following in Mustangs retro lead the retro camaro pulled mustang buyers wanting something really fresh and new, even potential buyers had a third option with the challenger.  The Boomers that remained even opted for things like the 300 and the charger.  So Ford and anyone with half an inkling new Mustangs sales would slope. The best part of it all is the timing, GM/CHEVY/Dodge all needing a revamp has gone head first into horsepower wars.  Ford knowing it has the advantage also  has pushed the mustang into a performance war. (Something that shouldve happened years ago) Big HP with BIG MPG  and all around performace and quality to compete globally.  Major changes from the factory based product.  Out with the tired old (and broken) methods of car manufacturing, In with the new.  An awakening withing the american car manufactures that have finaly realized the truth that what was being made wasnt as good as the overseas competition and the new generation of american buyers and global buyers know it!.  Nostalgia holds no water anymore, nore does the notion of if father buy’s is so will son.   Nope todays buyers are more knowledgeable than the dealers in the showrooms, so pulling the wool over ones eyes doesnt work either, nore does catchy ad’s and slogans.  That was for the boomers, and sadly its a generation slipping away in time. So focus has to be on the new, the 30’s somethings and there kids,  This means Mustangs must evolve.  you wouldnt expect people to run out looking for butterfly collars a disco ball and bell bottom jeans, so why expect kids who werent born in the 60’s to want 60’s things, or even relate to anything 60’s?   The cry you hear on the forums is justified but its is the dying crys of a generation wanting the world to remain as they remember it.  Its both touching and selfish.  which is something we all will experience some day.
    But its why you cant look back when passing the tourch.  It could either break your heart and have you to see for the first time the reality of your passions.  Mustang is a legend, because it drums up so much passion, by people that love it or hate it.   but no one can acknore it.

  • Mike

    The old will cry that mustang is being killed but actually its being saved for generations to come,  the old simply are not the potent buying force that could keep the marque afloat,  truth is no car should be tailor made for one generation throughout there many years.  Thats whats been done and is why Two of the big 3 died, (yeah The original GM did officially die, the bailout made a new one.   So despite the fustration, mustang needs to evolve,  like aston martin.   Remember the 1977 aston vantage? made to look just like a mustang.   it evolved into the v8 vantage,   The new mustang should BE a mustang but not locked in time.   The REAL cool thing is Ford has made available the original 60’s mustang,  the actual body and chassis.  for 15 grand!!!,   THATS A HUGE deal is you really think about it.   nothing beats the original, the style the class, and if you cant stand 2015 then say hello to yesterday.   Bravo Ford!

  • Beardpa

    The last time they tried to make the Mustang more modern was the Probe and that was a disaster. If the new Mustang looks like a Fusion, Evos, Aston Martin, or anything that does not look like a Mustang it will not work. Iacocca did it right. He used an exsisting platrom and made a car that did not look like anything else.

  • Beardpa

    Sorry, I got so worked up I misspelled existing platform.

  • Carguru25

    They’re turning the Mustang into  a Fusion coupe with hidden doors ,LOL.

  • FORD 99


  • The Evos concept would work much better as a new Lincoln coupe than the new Mustang, methinks.

  • lisa

    @ Amber my name is Lisa let chat about cars on yahoo IM add me with malonlisa87@yahoo.com ok kisss

  • Ironhead3 Kl

    Way to go Ford and ruin an American icon in muscle cars. Why is it we have to cater and make our vehicles look like every other foreign piece of crap out there. I’m a Chevy guy but was liking some designs of Ford and Dodge cause they r American brands. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Leo

    Ford is killing the mustang if they do this they might as well call it something else not a mustang

  • Mike123

    “fall from grace.”?!  how editors can be so stupid its amazing.   First A true editor would know and understang the fact that there would be no camaro had not the mustang survived without ever going out of production, thus opening the door for the return of the camaro, and with that return after a 10+ year absence, there would be plenty of buyers ,fans and people simply wanting something different to eat other than mustang soup.  So Not being anticipated is completely absent minded.  The Fords move with so-called Retro, brought back the other pony cars that directly followed Fords path (as always)  Chevy is sinonymous with nevery leading the way with innovation, but always takes the johnny come lately approach of waiting for ford to make a move then doing one up, so to speak.  Thats a lame approach if you ask me.  Now Fords Dropping retro, The new car will look very different and we all hope it keeps some signature mustang features but also move past the old useless 60’s mindset of car performance.(which is more lip than reality). Lets be real, Muscle cars were more than often big loafy family cars with big engines that produced more noise than power (in stock trim).
    Burnouts donuts straight line rockets is prettymuch lame and dead these days.  Sports cars gota do a helava lot more than make it to the next stop light fast. So im glad Ford is leading the way.  Im also glad Dodge is back,  a company making great moves without talking a bunch of cry baby smack like GM/Chevy , waisting bailout monies trying to call Ford the bad guy.   Please.   What GM needs to do is simply focus on making cars people want, and attempt to be innovative, or at least have some honor.    The Camaro is a good car,  A bit ruined by the micheal bay endorsment.  But all in all, all of the Us manufactures better focus on the real competition, and its not each other, which led to there downfall to begin with.   They better focus on not stretching the dollar, but making leaps and bounds in technology that can rival europe and japan.   Stop thinking lame spec car nascar, which gives virtually nothing twards real work car technology, and focus on competeting in ALMS and F1 whos’ tech consistantly trick down into our vehicles.    Mustang must be a true sports car. no compromise.
    Makes no sense in delivering another Focus/Fusion type vehicle.    Ford is ahead of the game, and they should take advantage of it.

  • Ironhead3 Kl

    Way to go Ford, you take a muscle car icon and legend and screw it up by making it look like every other foreign piece of crap out there. I’m a Chevy guy but the Mustangs that you brought out in 05 were awesome and minor tweeks weren’t bad cause it still looked like our AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR!!! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • Tom A

    I hope it doesn’t come with a Chevrolet Volt steering wheel

  • Brandon Fredriksen

    What is your definition of an American car?  I don’t view any vehicle as being import or domestic…just which provides all the features I am looking for and at what cost.

    Also, it is hard to provide a blanket statement to cover all vehicles one manufacturer offers compared to another.  To me it depends on what application the vehicle is to be used for.  Despite Ford always being on top (or so it seems), you cannot deny the power and longevity of a GM motor, especially an LS motors. 

  • Guy Campbell

     Long live the re-introduced Probe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eduardo Vega

    I hope they scrap the turbocharged engine and just come out with a fully electric Mustang.  That would be awesome!  Now, I can have my Prius cake and eat it too!  Can’t wait to roll up in my new electric Mustang to the Sarah McLachlan concert next year!!!

  • JC_Berger

    Really? I mean the definition of an American car is not a philosophical question. Despite the global economy, an “American” car is one that is branded with a company that is headquartered in the USA.

  • JC_Berger

    So do you have to flip up the back wing(?) in order to fill it up?

  • Jysun_japan

    ugly as phuck…glad I kept my 93 hatch 5.0 is all I will say….spit spit ,,phuking nasty

  • Writingman

    Give it AWD,  280 hp and those massaging seats from the SHO and I’ll check one out.


    I would buy the 2013 ford over camaro any day but i do not have the money!!!!!

  • Anonymous



    My thoughts toward this.

    I am not amused.

  • Anonymous

     Not necessarily: the American brands we know and love are thoroughly globalized. Take the Ford Fiesta, for instance: it’s the American release of a European model that is made in Mexico, but it has the Ford badge on it the world over. All I’m saying is that American-badged does not mean American. To be American, to me, means your product is made in America, and a lot of vehicles made by American manufacturers are made in America. That said, so are a lot of vehicles made by German, British, and Japanese manufacturers.

  • Da_cheif_2000

    i loved my stang…….41 years ago…..i was doing this….


  • long live ford

  • Nigelpual

    ford and chevy  are shitty cars.

  • Shervan

    i wold buy this looks great.

  • Look, if I wanted to buy a car that looked like a 60’s Mustang, I’d buy a 60’s Mustang. I love Mustangs, always have, but it is time for them to evolve, to shake off the dated styling of the Pony Car era, and become the modern, affordable performance car that America needs. I will happily buy a Mustang that looks like this prototype.

  • the new one resembles my nissan  z…..i like it

  • Vtecden

    Looks like the new Accord coupe…

  • Victor Gramrosa

    I had a 2010 Camaro SS RS 426 Hp nice car handled like poo. drank gas like it was going out of style. hard to see out of ,heavy,ugh. that sort of thing in the 70’s was ok but it got old with this car. i am used to a much more balanced car ,fast and handles well as im sure others also. go ford make this one and watch it sell. sweet.

  • Bobbyngeorgia

    he article clearly states it will keep the stang hood and headlights, I
    am sure the grill will remain Mustang as well as other styling changes.
    this picture is not the mustang people!..it is the platform the new
    mustang will be built off of.

  • Mikekaiser


  • Bobbylivezey

    Everyone, The mustang is not going to look like this picture.  This is the evos photoshopped. Ford said they would use the evos to make one of there “cars” which turned out to be the fusion.  Do not pay attention to the pictures.

  • Ex auto guy

    Overall an interesting design approach.  It has a bit of the “American muscle wearing a tailored European suit” vibe of the AC Cobra or maybe Jensen Interceptor MkIII with the Chrysler 440 six-pack.  For me, to make this formula work, it would need to have the 5.0L V8 or similar in the GT model.  Turbo fours and sixes may deliver adequate power on specs but they do not have the correct torque feel or sound befitting the spiritual successor to the 1965 Mustang 289 HO.  If the architecture is “package protected” for the V8 then maybe the Shelby top-end model could have forced induction and 600+hp for a track car or, more likely in real life, garage queen.  An Aston Martin-esque body shrink wrapped around a strong American V8 and maybe with a dual clutch gearbox (at a realistic affordable price) would be a nice package.

  • Leo_mob_leo

    ford just killed the mustang

  • Most all cars foreign or domestic are made in the USA. Its a global thing. But as far as this ford?. leave it alone. Why mess up a good thing,ya think?

  • Guest

    ugly, it looks like a cross between a aston-martin and a porsche


    I have owned 8 Mustangs over the years.  I curently own 2 Mustangs (SVT Cobra and 5.0 GT).  If these pics are ANYWHERE NEAR close, they will be my LAST!  The way the new Fords look today, is it any wonder they keep losing market share while Dodge keeps gaining like 30% each quarter??

  • Carpanfan

    Love the new look…. Want to the the convertible AND the GT versions.

  • Deric

    Ford tried to make the mustang into a pocket rocket in the 80’s with the Ford Mustang Probe. They changed that idea real quick. If Ford tries to do the same thing with a Mustang Evos car it won’t sell.  The Mustang is a car of it’s own and it should stay that way.

  • Mikeypillz1993

    I’m 18 …. I bought a 2008 shelby cs6 … I have 4 friends with newer body style mustangs …. And you’re saying it doesn’t attract younger people ?! We can all agree history is going to repea itself where te mustang was cool then they ruin it for 20years and I’m sure If Carroll Shelby god rest his soul but if he was still alive he would look at this “Aston Martin looking car” and say I’m not touching that it’s not an American muscle car

  • Dkersten

    The picture is of a concept called “Evos”.. NOT the mustang. 

  • The Mustang isn’t supposed to look elegant. It’s supposed to be a HORSE with muscles bulging from the body work.

    NOT ONLY THAT, but the Mustang shouldn’t be taking styling cues from another car. It’s supposed to be a car in its own right, not borrowing styling from Fusion (which stole styling from Aston Martin).

    Shelby would be rolling in his grave if he saw this.
    Ford, you’ve killed a legend.

  • Ksolo93


  • If that is what 2015  (Mustang)looks like.Will keep my 2011.

  • If that is what.The 2015 (Mustang,)Looks like will keep my 2011.

  • Well I hope the final product doesn’t look like this.  This looks like a Honda Accord Coupe.

  • Papertiger00

     aston martin for years was owned by ford. the fusion 2.0 they are talking about is currently contracted by aston martin to be used in the UK. they are still contracted together and working together in europe. so it is no big surprise to see the aston martin vantage rebranded for better gas milage and less cost for ford.

  • Shelbystanging

    This design looks terrible. Ford should make a mustang that looks like the 67 fastback or the 69 mach 1. Dodge and Chevy made a retro looking car why can’t Ford. Don’t get me wrong the current body style mustang looks great. But it Is not a 67 fastback or a 69 mach 1. It’s not a true fastback. The concept reminds me of the mustang terrible looking years from 73 to 78 and the 80s were OK but nothing like the 60s.

  • angryshortguy

    I’m keeping my 2010.
    That thing’s ugly…