Abandoned Ferrari Enzo in Dubai Held as Evidence: Not for Sale

Abandoned Ferrari Enzo in Dubai Held as Evidence: Not for Sale

One of the world’s most recognizable and exclusive supercars, the Ferrari Enzo, has been wasting away in a Dubai parking lot but there’s a reason for it’s imprisonment. 

According to Emirates 24/7 the Enzo and several luxury cars it sits with are part of an international theft investigation by Interpol. Because of that, none of them (the Enzo included) will be sold or disposed of in any manner.

“We have received many calls from traders – Britons, Americans, Russians and Indians want to buy the Ferrari Enzo, worth about a $1 million, after a report published by Emirates 24|7 on luxury cars seized at the General Directorate of Traffic in Dubai,” Khalid Al Kamali, a Dubai police captain said.

While it seems the story we published last September was inaccurate in saying the car had been abandoned, there’s no question that Interpol and the Dubai police have neglected the rare Ferrari.

People are still eager to purchase it, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find that much of the units former glory had faded after growing the automotive equivalent of a homeless man’s beard.

[Source: Emirates 24/7]


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